is the universe testing me

“Is the universe testing me?”

This is a question I hear often, and in this week’s Desire Factor Podcast, The Council offers a thought-provoking and insightful answer. 

But because I’m a huge proponent of empowering people to trust their own inner guidance, I think it’s valuable to spend a moment inquiring into the question itself.

The paradigm that the universe is testing us stems from a particularly limited viewpoint.  It’s the viewpoint that there is some all-knowing authority who throws challenges in our path to assess our worthiness.  If things go our way, it’s because we’ve passed the cosmic test.  And if we’re struggling to manifest something we desire, it’s because we’ve failed in some way.

But the universe is not a schoolmaster that issues a “pass” or “fail” grade. 

This idea that the universe is testing us implies that life is like a school, in which we have to pass one grade before being granted access to the next.  But unlike a class in school, which has very clear rules for success, the notion that the universe is testing us leaves us confused.  When something goes sideways, we’re left feeling we did something wrong and unclear about what to do differently in order to pass the supposed test.

So, with regard to the nature of this magnificent universe you were born into, I’d like you to consider a new, more empowering paradigm: 

The universe is not testing you.  It is lovingly responding to you.

What if instead of seeing the universe as testing you, you saw it as simply responding to you?  And that the events that you draw into your life are neither punishments nor rewards. They are simply the out-picturing of the energy you’ve been flowing.  

The situations you attract are not an assessment of your worthiness. They are a reflection of what’s going on within you. In this vibrational universe, like vibrations are drawn together.  And the circumstances that manifest in our lives always reflect our vibration at a given moment in time. 

Think of it this way:  Is a mirror “testing” you when it reflects that your hair is a mess?  Of course not.  It’s just showing you what presently “is.”  The universe works in the same way, and this is very good news.  It means that you hold all the power to change the results you’re manifesting, by changing your energy from the inside out.

Here are two important energy mastery principles that will help you reclaim your power when you feel the universe is testing you. 

Energy Mastery Principle #1:  Remember that your beliefs are self-perpetuating.    

Your belief system acts like a filter, sifting out countless bits of information while allowing in only those experiences that align with what you believe.  And this means if you believe that the universe is testing you, then this is the experience you will create.  

If you believe you have to be uncomfortable in order to realize your best self, the universe will deliver you experiences that support and uphold this belief.  As a result, you’ll grow through struggle instead of ease, which will further reinforce your belief that you have to push yourself harder to succeed.  

However, you could just as easily practice the belief that you’re worthy of happiness, that life is supposed to be fun, and that things are always working out for you.  And when this is the lens that you choose to see your life through, a whole new range of experiences comes into view.  

Beliefs are simply thoughts that we consistently, habitually think.  You can choose to believe that life is a school, or you can see it as a playground.  And whichever reality you give your attention to will unfold in your experience.   

Energy Mastery Principle #2:  Decide that this is a friendly universe.

Albert Einstein told us that the first and most basic question all people must answer for ourselves is this: “Is the universe a friendly place?” 

What’s the difference between walking into a hostile situation vs. one in which you perceive everyone is eager to see you?  The first constricts your vision, narrows your possibilities and puts you in defense-mode.  And the second allows you to be open-hearted, joyful, and eager about what’s coming next.  

Remember that what you focus on, you attract evidence of.  We always attract outer experiences that are consistent with our inner vibration.  When you see the universe as a friendly place, not as a testing ground to prove worthiness, your vibration is pure and magnetic.   

Decide that the universe is a friendly place and have faith that things are working out for you.  Decide to view problems as the vehicle through which fantastic solutions come into your life.  And decide that challenging situations are not a test, but an opportunity to discover your resiliency and creativity.   In shifting your vibration, you shift everything. 


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