law of detachment


We’ve all been there. Something we’ve been really trying to manifest just isn’t coming to fruition.  At first glance, it may seem that we simply need to work harder to accomplish our goal.  But in actuality, the secret to quickly manifesting any desire is to engage the Law of Detachment.  

Understanding the Law of Detachment 

The Law of Detachment is an essential component of any successful manifestation. And this is because detachment is exactly what is called for any time we hit a manifestation roadblock.  This is true whether we’re up against an external obstacle or some inner resistance like doubt, frustration, or fear.  

The Law of Detachment helps us to answer these potentially distressing questions:

What is the best course of action I can take when things are not unfolding as I would like?”  And, “How can I best support myself when I realize that I am getting in my own way?”    

Anytime we come up against an unwanted emotion or experience, we basically have only two choices in terms of how we respond.  We can choose to fixate on everything that appears to be wrong or lacking.  Or, we can use the contrasting experience to sharpen our focus and recalibrate our point of attraction.

Fixating on what isn’t pleasing strengthens our internal resistance and will actually cause us to attract more of what we don’t want.  But by invoking the Law of Detachment, we begin to soothe our inner discord.  And in so doing, we open ourselves to receive more pleasing manifestations. 

There are 3 progressive levels of detachment that can help you realign yourself with the outcomes you desire.  Let’s look at each one-by-one, and explore the energy shifts we can make internally in order to accomplish them.

Law of Detachment level #1:  Detach from the timeline.  

From the ego’s point of view, it appears that we are the ones controlling the manifestation of our desires.  And our conditioning may have us believe that we have to construct the exact avenues that it will manifest through.  In actuality, though, we are seeing only a tiny fraction of the big picture of our lives.  And the universe, in all its infinite wisdom, is in perfect control of the timeline.  

Law of Detachment Level #2:  Detach from the specifics of the situation you find yourself in. 

The second layer of detachment is to simply relax into the perfection of each unique moment in time.

We do this by allowing whatever situation we find ourselves in to be as it is, without resisting it.  And this is accomplished by actively looking for the benefits or the gifts of whatever obstacle we perceive as being in our way.  

Simply ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? In what ways is this situation unfolding for my highest good?    

By looking for the gifts and accepting the situation as-is, we open ourselves to new ideas and solutions.  

Law of Detachment Level #3:  Surrender to the field of pure energy and potentiality itself.  

Every form that we desire to manifest in our lives begins as formless energy – pure potentiality. And when we acknowledge this non-physical energy, we give ourselves over to the wisdom and intelligence of this infinite stream.  Meditation is one powerful and immediate way to feel your connection with All-That-Is.

Taking time out each day to meditate connects you with the field of pure potentiality.  You then realize that you are not your body. You are not your thoughts. And, you are not the number that’s reflected when you get on the scale or view your bank account balance.    You are the energy stream that creates your body. You are the flow of abundance that is the source of money.  This shift in perspective instantly puts you back in divine flow.

Detachment is a practice of becoming comfortable with the unknown, and with the formless, energy-based counterpart that is your true self. 

Clinging to what is already known will get you results similar to what you’re already creating.  Surrendering to the unknown is where the magic happens.  

Remember that the universe holds a bird’s eye view of our lives. It is highly intelligent and capable of orchestrating the manifestation of everything we desire.  Our job is to simply detach from our need to figure out how, when and where it will happen.  When we align ourselves in heart and mind to the essence of our desire, the universe makes it happen for us. 

There is no pushing, shoving, manipulating, planning, or any of the other strategies that we’ve been taught to use to go after what we want.  The Law of Detachment reminds us that the fastest way to manifest any outcome is to relinquish our attachment to it.  




Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  Her latest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is on sale now at Christy communicates with, and for, The Quantum Council, a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success, and loving relationships.  You can take the first step in alignment and creating your desires by a free 30-day program called Watch Your Words by going here: