Listen To Your Heart

The most beautiful, radiant, prosperous, and joyful version of you already exists.  Just as the life you desire to live also exists, just waiting for you to tap into it.  The path to every outcome you desire to experience has already been illuminated by the larger part of you.  In your heart of hearts, you know what’s possible for you.  All you have to do is learn to listen to your heart, and the whole thing will unfold.  

What does it mean to “listen to one’s heart?”

Listening to your heart sounds like it takes some special skill or metaphysical awareness.  It doesn’t.  It simply requires being still enough to hear the faint whispers that are always leading you in the direction of your desires. It’s trusting your gut enough to place your faith in the voice that tells you to say yes when your inclination is to say no.  

When listening to your heart it means having faith in the universe, and understanding that you are an integral part of it.  It’s trusting in the inner guidance system that you were born with and allowing that guidance system to navigate your life.  And most of all, it’s understanding that you were meant to feel good and to manifest your desires.  

The higher part of you is always urging you in the direction of your highest good.  By trusting your heart, you are able to pick up on and respond to, these vital clues.

Here are 3 practices that will help you listen more clearly to the wisdom of your heart:

Practice #1 Take time out of each day to practice silence.

So much of our time and attention is focused on doing, thinking, evaluating and producing results.  And while the “doer” part of us is of course necessary, our fixation on doing often out shadows our being.  It’s through the being part of us that we can listen to our hearts and access universal intelligence.  

A daily period of 15 minutes spent in quiet meditation is all that’s required to become more receptive to your heart.  And no, this doesn’t mean you have to retreat to a cave or dangle crystals from the ceiling.  

Simply take a few minutes before your day begins to sit quietly with your eyes closed.  Let go of any pressing thoughts or concerns, and allow yourself to settle into the present moment, exactly as it is. 

Place your attention on your breath, and notice that it’s actually a vehicle that connects your physical body with your energy body.  By placing your gentle awareness on your breath, it will take you to the more subtle dimensions of your being.    

This practice not only feels good, but it also resets and recharges your personal vibration.  After meditation, you are more finely tuned in with yourself, and better able to listen to your heart. 

Practice #2 Connect with and really feel your emotions.

Maybe you’ve heard it said, that emotions are energy in motion.  But what does connecting with your emotions have to do with your ability to listen to your heart?  The answer is, the two are incredibly interrelated. 

In order to really listen to your heart – that broader, wiser aspect of you – your energy flow must be unobstructed.  Meaning, you must be free to transmit energy, and you must be open to receive it.  And if you’ve been taught that it isn’t safe (or proper, or manly or ladylike) to feel your emotions, your energy doesn’t flow. 

Listening to your heart begins with listening to your emotions, and allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel.  Many times, as kids, we’re told not to cry, to bottle up anger, or not to be sad.  Basically, we’re taught to suppress our emotional energy.  And over time, we not only lose aspect to the full range of our emotions.  We also lose access to our hearts, our inner guidance, and our intuition.  

Make connecting with your feelings a part of your daily meditation time.  Simply scan your body, and use your breath to connect with whatever emotions are present.  Then, rather than labeling, judging or trying to suppress that feeling, allow it to be.  

It only takes 90 seconds for your body to feel the “woosh” of a feeling, sit with it, experience it and then release it fully. This practice will greatly enhance your receptivity and will support you in hearing the subtle communications from your heart. 

Practice #3  Give yourself permission to move in the direction that feels the best.  

A lot of us were conditioned with beliefs that really don’t serve us.  And one of those beliefs is that if it feels good, it’s probably bad for you.  From an energetic perspective, this could not be further from the truth. 

Your emotions – both good-feeling and bad – are like a faithful inner compass.  They tell you in every moment whether you are on or off track with the fulfillment of your desires.  

If you’re worrying, doubtful, or angry, this energy is setting you up to attract more of the same.   If you’re eager, appreciative, and joyful, you will attract an entirely different range of experiences.   

Feeling good is the most important telltale sign that you’re listening to your heart.  When you feel good – meaning, engaged, playful, happy – you’re locked on to your intuition.  Following this path will always lead you to what your heart desires.  

You have the ability to listen to your heart AND live in a heart-connected state.

All it takes is for you to give yourself permission to trust your gut, to go with the flow, and to respond to the urgings of your intuition.   Experiment with the outcomes you create when you go with the flow, versus when you try to swim upstream.  

Prioritize your happiness and take a break from working so hard to please others.  Prioritize feeling and being overdoing or posturing.  Let go of the need to force, to produce, or to prove, and rest instead in receptivity.

Trust that the desires of your heart have already been launched into the universe.  The resources to bring them to magnificent completion have already been gathered.  The path is already lit, and the clues are already there.  

Practicing silence, connecting with and releasing the energy of your emotions, and moving in the direction that feels best to you.  These are the secrets to listening to your heart.  And your heart is uniquely equipped to guide you to everything in life you desire.  

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