Meditation and Manifestation

You probably already know that meditation has many, many benefits. It relieves stress, improves mood, supports better sleep, jump-starts creativity and boosts mental focus. But did you know that there is a profound connection between meditation and manifestation?  

Here are some of the most common obstacles you may encounter when seeking to manifest your desires.  Once you understand the correlation between meditation and manifestation, you’ll easily open yourself up to the energy of your desire.         

Manifestation Obstacle #1: Your energy field is easily influenced by those around you. 

Manifesting your desires is all about calibrating your energy field on purpose.  It’s about getting clear about the vibration and energy you wish to attract into your life, and making sure that you are resonating in harmony with that vibration.  

If you’re someone who is easily influenced by the energies of others, you lose some of your own creative control over your manifestations.  Rather than being like a clear beacon of light, attracting only the outcomes you wish, your energy gets scattered. And then you end up attracting some of what you want and some of what you don’t. 

Meditation and manifestation go hand in hand because meditation trains your attention to become one-pointed. In this way, it helps you maintain your own point of attraction, regardless of what others are doing or feeling.  

Manifestation Obstacle #2:  Past failures and self-doubts prevent you from clearly imagining a bigger or brighter future.

Researchers tell us that we think on average of 60 – 70,000 thoughts per day.  And the staggering thing is that about 90% of the thoughts we thought yesterday we’ll think again today – and tomorrow.

Patterns of thought become habitual. They limit us to a certain bandwidth of vibrations, which give rise to only a certain range of experiences.  And this explains the link between meditation and manifestation: To expand level of joy or abundance, we have to expand our perception.  We have to raise our vibration to make room for a new frequency of thoughts to enter.

This is exactly what takes place in meditation. In meditation, you become a passive observer of your thoughts rather than a slave to them.  And over time, their influence over you subsides.  Learning to meditate speeds the rate of your manifestations.  It immediately attunes your personal energy field with the energies you wish to bring into your life.   

Manifestation Obstacle #3:  You get impatient or discouraged when something you want doesn’t materialize fast enough.  

Our emotions always let us know when we’re allowing our desires to unfold, and when we’re unconsciously blocking them.   

Emotions such as ease, appreciation, and joy indicate that we’re allowing the attraction of our desires into our life experience.  We’re in a state of non-resistance, so ideas, resources and opportunities easily find us. 

But the opposite is true when our frequency dips into lower-frequency vibrations.   Emotions like doubt, disbelief, fear or frustration indicate that we’re actually resisting the very outcomes we’re working to manifest.  Resistance distorts the energetic signal we’re sending out.  Instead of being vibrationally aligned with the outcome, we desire, we’re aligned with the vibration of doubt.     

Meditation and manifestation work together because meditation dissolves this resistance.  It silences our habitual thoughts, calms our nervous system, and creates resonance in our brainwaves.  And as our personal vibration rises to the frequency where ease, joy and abundance abound, our desires manifest easily.  

Now that you understand the connection between meditation and manifestation, here are 7 steps to easily incorporate meditation into your life:  

1) Find a place to sit or lie down where you’re not likely to be distracted, that feels calm and quiet to you.

2) Set a time limit. Ten to twenty minutes a day is plenty.

3) Close your eyes and drop into your body.  Notice any areas of tightness as well as areas of ease.  Be an observer. 

4) Allow your attention to focus on the in and out of your breath.  

5) When your mind wanders – and it will – simply bring your attention back to your breath.   

6) Be gentle and patient with yourself.  It’s the nature of your mind to be outwardly focused.  Meditation is the art of training your mind to be inwardly focused. This is not a skill that is gained once and for all. It’s a moment-by-moment thing.  

7) Close your daily meditation practice by acknowledging yourself, and thanking yourself for devoting time and attention to nurturing your connection with your inner world. 


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