meditation is the key to energy mastery

What you create in your life always reflects your own personal beliefs about what is possible and not possible.  In other words, And so, the first step toward manifesting any desire is to align your energy with what you wish to create.   Use this powerful meditation to manifest, adapted from the groundbreaking new book, The Desire Factor, to clear your energy field.  Once the resistance of doubt and disbelief is out of the way, you’ll become naturally magnetic to all you desire.  

Meditation to Manifest – Energy Mastery Exercise

Step One: Preparing your physical body.

Begin by closing your eyes and allowing your body to find a position of comfort and ease. Take a deep breath in, observing the life force energy as it moves throughout your physical body. Enjoy the natural rhythm of your breath as it moves easily in and out. And notice that your breath is actually a vehicle that connects your physical body with your energy body or aura.  By placing your gentle awareness on your breath, it naturally begins to raise your consciousness.  Allow this meditation to manifest to lift you to the more subtle dimensions of your being.  Allow yourself to return to your source of power; to the source or wellspring of all physical manifestations. 

Step Two: Surrendering to the moment.

As you continue giving yourself the gift of your undivided attention, feel yourself letting go.  Make the decision to surrender any stress from your day, and to bring the full presence of yourself into this moment.  Allow your thoughts to become clearer, quieter, and subtler.  Feel your emotions growing calm and serene.  Give yourself permission to be energetically shifted by this meditation to manifest. 

Step Three:  Bring to mind your Desire Factor.

And now begin to gently bring to mind something you want to manifest. Take a moment to consider this, because this meditation to manifest will magnetize it to you. 

It might be something tangible, like a relationship or a new car. It could be an accomplishment, such as writing a book or completing a project. Or it could be something subtle and less tangible, such as feeling happier or more inspired for no logical reason. Identify this desire in terms as specific or as general as feels right for you. Breathe into this outcome that you desire, allowing the image, the experience, and the feeling of it to become clearer. 

Allow yourself to feel the power of your focus.  When you focus, you summon the energy that creates worlds toward whatever reality you wish to create. Just breathe that in. You are that powerful. 

Step Four:  Acknowledge your resistance.

As you continue to contemplate your desire, notice any conflicted thoughts or feelings you’re holding about it.   Do your best not to judge this, for it is neither permanent nor necessary. Negative thoughts, beliefs, or feelings simply mean that you have split energy toward your desire. A part of you wants it, and another part of you doubts your ability to create it.  Breathe in the truth that you have the power, in this moment, to bridge this gap.  Because you have the ability to generate within yourself a feeling of relief, of acceptance, of relaxation, and positive expectation.  This meditation to manifest will help facilitate this shift.

Take a moment to acknowledge to yourself that focusing on a perception of lack always feels bad. And focusing on the presence of abundance always feels good.  And you always have the choice – thanks to the power of your own free will – on where to focus your attention. Give yourself permission to bring the vibration of your thoughts up to speed with the vibration of your desire.

Step Five:  Invoke a higher perspective.

With another deep breath, allow yourself to consider how the larger, wiser part of you feels about your desire.  Imagine connecting with the infinite, divine, all-powerful essence of you.  And notice that the Divine in you feels no doubt, no frustration, no negativity. Only enthusiasm and passion about your desire. Use your breath to experience these feelings fully. Allow the divine perspective to penetrate your mind, your perceptions, your expectations. 

Remember that the river of life-giving creative energy that sources all things flows only in one direction, and that direction is forward. Make a commitment to flow your personal energy toward your desire, which is even now in the process of becoming.

Step Six:  Integrate 

Take another few moments in silence to enjoy the benefits of this powerful meditation to manifest. Allow the cascade of good-feeling emotions to continue washing over you.  Feel yourself growing more refreshed, and acknowledge that you have recalibrated your point of attraction.  You are now in greater harmony with the very outcomes you desire to attract.  

And when you are ready, slowly begin to stretch, to wiggle your fingers and toes, and to become aware of the room you are in. And when you are ready, gently open your eyes, bringing this new, more refined perspective into the next beautiful segment of your day. 

Remember that forms are always created in the realm of energy first, and your expectations and beliefs are what shapes that energy into form. What you expect…you get.  It really is that simple. 

Use this meditation to manifest daily to prepare your energy field to receive all that you wish to experience.   

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Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  Her forthcoming book The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is available for pre-order now at She communicates with, and for, The Quantum Council, a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success, and loving relationships. You can take the first step in alignment and creating your desires by a free 30-day program called Watch Your Words by going here: