painful memories

It’s only logical that painful memories tend to pull us back into the past. After all, intense experiences, both positive and negative, create pathways within our nervous system that make them easy to revisit.  And the more frequently we mentally return to events from the past, the deeper these grooves become.  


But each time a painful memory transports us back into the past, our personal vibration is affected.  Think back to the last time you caught yourself rehashing an unpleasant situation or reliving an encounter that hurt, disappointed, or annoyed you.  You’ll soon discover that indulging in painful memories leads you to a downward spiral of cynicism and despair.  


So instead of continuing down this well-worn and low-vibrational path, use these 3 energy mastery practices to release the grip of negative memories:


Practice #1: Offer yourself some well-deserved compassion.


When a painful memory surfaces, causing your personal vibration to temporarily plummet, be nice to yourself.  Don’t compound the situation by judging yourself because you’re not already “over it.”    


Do your best to welcome whatever you’re experiencing, and give yourself some time to actually process it.  Our physical bodies must break down the food we eat in order to make use of its nourishment.  And in the same way, our emotional bodies need to metabolize the energy of a painful memory in order to benefit from the wisdom it holds.  


Practice #2: Give yourself permission to feel the pain of this experience fully. 


Our psyches will keep bringing us back to events that are still unhealed within us.  This keeps painful memories alive in our vibration for much longer than they need to be.  It may seem counterintuitive, but the fastest way to release an unwanted emotion is to give it our full attention. 


So, the next time a painful memory surfaces, allow yourself to fully feel what you are experiencing.  Use your breath to assist you.  Breathe into any areas of constriction in your body, and allow your breath to awaken any latent emotions connected to the sensation.  


Think of it this way:  Emotions are energy, and energy must be allowed to flow.  If you try to repress or numb a painful memory, its energy doesn’t just go away. Instead, it can manifest as excessive weight, a headache, a skin eruption, anxiety, or chronic low energy.  

It’s much wiser to simply allow your emotions to move through you, in real-time, at the moment they arise.  

Remember that all pain is nothing but a constriction of energy, and the more you allow the energy to flow, the faster you allow it to release.


Practice #3:  Celebrate the clarity that was born from each painful experience.


Every painful experience brings us invaluable clarity about what really matters to us, and about what we now desire to create.  When you acknowledge your newfound clarity and turn your full attention to it, the painful memory transforms into wisdom.  

To make this shift, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • How has this experience been a catalyst for my evolution and growth?
  • What wisdom do I now possess as a result of having lived this experience?  
  • From where I now stand, what do I now desire to create?

Once you’ve identified what you desire to create, feel the energy of this new desire pulsating within you.  Acknowledge that the painful experiences you’ve lived have actually been your launching point into this expanded reality. 

Notice that this new reality vibrates at a particular frequency, and allow yourself to be called up to this higher frequency.

What actions would support you in integrating the wisdom you have gained?  


If you allowed yourself to release the pain of the past, what would be your new mood or emotional state?  How would this new perspective alter the ways you view the world and the way you feel about yourself?  Allow yourself to bask in the answers to these questions and imagine them fully!  By doing so, you are invoking a pure energy within you that harmonic energies will be drawn to.


By fully feeling and processing the pain of a past experience, its wisdom becomes available to you to use as you desire. 

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