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Empaths can sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of their own experience. It is a rare gift that some even consider as a curse because you pick up on everyone and everything, making it very hard to function in life. In this episode, Christy Whitman shares a fix for this. Discover how you can harness this power and become the change-maker that you can be.

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Harnessing The Empath’s Power (Channeled By Christy Whitman)

We are here in the middle of one of your earth’s vortexes of energy. This message is for all of you that are sensitive. You probably were told at a young age that you were sensitive and that was something that was bad. Sensitivity, dear one, is a gift. It means that you are a special type of human called an empath. There’s the downside of being an empath just because you didn’t understand and know that you have direct power and you have the ability to be even more sensitive, but most empaths use this or see it as a curse.

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Because you are so sensitive, you pick up on everyone and everything making it very hard to function in life. Here is the fix for this. When you are in connection with your heart portal or the transmutation station like a beacon of energy. When you are allowing divine source energy to move through you and to move out of your heart. When you are receiving energy and you are sending out energy, you then are not picking up energy from others. You are the influencer instead of being influenced. We say this because most of you are in the receiving mode. Your physical bodies are always in receiving mode.

Just like humans, you need rest, food, refreshment and you need to eliminate. You also need energy. You are an energy being and all of that trillions of cells in your body are like little cups. All of them have receptive sides bringing and sucking in energy. If you are not in your physical body, most of you did not know this information and now when you know it, you can give it back or unknow it. You are an energy receiver. If you are trying to give out what you don’t have, you feel depleted. This is why many empaths feel tired and exhausted. Many healers themselves are not functioning in vitality and wellbeing. You must plug yourself up first before you can influence others.

Dear one, just like you don’t sleep once in your life or one hour of your night or take a sip of water for the day or eat one morsel of food, your body requires as energy to be filled up all day every day. This is why many of you that meditate in the morning feels great. You go about your day and then you feel depleted. You need to be filling yourself up as an energy being all day, every day. Then you dear one, from your heart is wide open, you are the change maker. You are the one that influences us and you can be that conduit of light that you were born to be.

You and your soul’s purpose came to this time, this space, and this earth plane to make a difference in light. As an impact in light, love being. By you retracting and being afraid of the world to pick up on others’ energy, you are not doing your purpose. When you learn that energy goes both ways, that you can bring in and then transmit out, you get to be the empowered empath. So much love is here for you as you are the change maker. Breathe in light, breathe out and decide. Will you use your power? It all starts with energy mastery. You are infinitely loved.

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