“You’re too sensitive!” 

If you heard this growing up, you probably interpreted it as an insult.  Many of us were conditioned to view sensitivity as a character flaw or a weakness that we hoped would go away as we mature.  But when it comes to harnessing the power to manifest your desires, sensitivity is an enormous gift.   It means you are a special type of human being called an “empath,” and once you learn how to harness this trait consciously, it will become your most powerful ally for manifesting your desires.

Many of us don’t yet know how to relate to our sensitivity in a powerful way.  We may feel overwhelmed or distracted by the deluge of information we receive when walking into a new environment.  Or we become distracted and pulled off focus when coming into contact with other people’s energy.  So, what is the secret to harnessing the power of being an empath?  

This question was recently presented to Christy and the Quantum Council.  The Council is a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand our innate creative power and worthiness.  Christy Whitman receives the Council’s energetic transmissions, and – as a skilled coach and transformational leader – finds the language to interpret their messages. The following is a summary of their insightful answer.  

What is an empath? 

Empaths are those who have a heightened ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.  In other words, they are especially sensitive to energy.  

As an empath, you’re more keenly aware of the subtle fluctuations in the moods and intentions of those around you.  You easily pick up on non-verbal cues that other people send and probably have a strong connection to your intuition.  

This sensitivity, in and of itself, is an incredible gift.  It means your powers of perception and receptivity are highly refined.  The universe is always nudging us toward the paths that will bring about our greatest fulfillment, and sensitivity is the key to perceiving these clues.  And yet, if we don’t focus the lens of our perception on purpose, we may find ourselves accidentally tuning into unwanted energies or intentions.  

If you get easily overwhelmed or feel as though you are being inundated with other people’s energies, this can be corrected by deliberately changing your focus.  There is no need to “protect” yourself from unwanted energies – whether by shutting down, numbing out, or isolating from others.  All you need to do is learn to calibrate your empathic nature so you are most responsive and receptive to what you desire.    

Here are 3 practices to help you harness the power of your sensitivity: 

Practice #1:  Decide in advance what you wish to be sensitive to.  

All human beings are energy transmitters and receivers, and empaths are especially sensitive to this energy transmission.  Unless you decide in advance where to direct the power of your focus, you will likely harmonize with the energies of those around you. 

Before beginning a project or engaging in a conversation, take a moment to identify the mood or atmosphere you wish to carry with you into that next segment of your day.  Then, as you are participating in that segment, focus your sensitivity on noticing and appreciating the presence of that energy around you.  Remember that no one has the power to assert their energy into your experience, because you are the only one in control of your focus.  

Practice #2:  Fill yourself up from the inside out.

Once you’ve identified the frequency of energy you wish to be sensitive to, harmonize your energy body with that vibration.  This is as simple as closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and consciously receiving from the universe the vibrational essence of what you desire.  The universe is like a giant buffet, and every frequency of energy is available to you in every moment.   You are the one who gets to choose the quality of energy you wish to interact with, and this starts by generating this frequency within yourself.  

In the same way your body needs air, water and food to function, your energy body is nourished by the vibrations of love, satisfaction and gratitude.  The more attention you give to filling yourself up from the inside out, the less depleted you will feel when interacting with others.   

Practice #3:  Give yourself permission to reconnect as often as needed. 

As an empath, you are highly sensitive to even the slightest fluctuations in energy.  Turn this sensitivity inward, and become hyper-responsible for maintaining your own equilibrium.   

With practice, you’ll know right away if you’re over-extending yourself, or becoming too invested in a particular outcome.   Your desires are meant to come to fruition easily and joyously.  Anytime you find yourself exerting or trying to force an outcome, take this as a sign to pull back and go within. 

Most of the world is “running on empty,” meaning they try to accomplish their goals through action alone.  This leads to exhaustion and frustration.  But when you are internally connected to the energy stream that sources and sustains all things, you have infinite access to vitality, creativity, and wellbeing.   

As an empath, you have a great capacity to transmit energy.  Choose the energetic tone you wish to bring to each situation, and watch with delight as the universe matches your frequency.   



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