The Quantum Council: On Clearing Lack and Stepping Into Abundance
Channeled by Christy Whitman

There are two basic stances we can take in times of upheaval and uncertainty: We can focus on all we perceive to be lost – productivity, routine, personal freedom, to name a few. Or we can turn our attention toward all that we do have and enjoy those things to the fullest. The first choice generates frustration, helplessness and despair. The second choice evokes appreciation, contentment and optimism – and returns us to our own personal power.

“How can I release feelings of lack and step into greater abundance?”

This was the question recently posed to Christy and the Quantum Council. The Council is a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand our innate creative power and worthiness. Christy Whitman receives the Council’s energetic transmissions, and – as a skilled coach and transformational leader – finds language to interpret their messages. Click on the link below to hear the Council’s answer in its entirety, or read on for a summary of their wisdom. For your convenience, the Council’s message has been broken down into actionable steps you can begin taking right now.

You were created from an abundant universe.

We start with a basic premise, and that premise is one of all-sufficiency. The universe you were born into is not lacking in any resource. It is truly infinite, with no beginning or end. It is intelligent, intuitive, and all-powerful. Think for a moment about how each planet revolves harmoniously around the sun. This is but a tiny glimpse into the resourcefulness of the universe.

The energy field that creates and sustains all things also created you. Whether you refer to this energy as Life Force, Infinite Intelligence, Source, Spirit, Soul or God makes no difference whatsoever. This broader energy is the essence of who you are; it is the very source of you. It’s the force that breathes you; that gives you life and sustains you through this lifetime and beyond. It’s the boundless supply of everything you could possibly need or desire.

You are an integral part of a universe that is infinitely abundant, and as such, you have access to all its resources. And yet, you were also born with the power of free will. This means you can choose to recognize and celebrate your abundance, or to view life through a perspective of lack.

You have the power to focus on abundance or on lack.

When we focus through the perspective of lack, we are primarily aware of what is missing or misbehaving. We may be speaking of something wanted – more money, perhaps, or more adventure – but we’re primarily aware of missing those things. We’re coming from need and insufficiency, and not from the expansive energy of pure desire.

The act of wanting accentuates and produces more wanting. Noticing the absence of something only makes you more keenly aware of what’s lacking. And your lack-full perspective will block you from receiving what you desire.

You cannot be focused on fearful thoughts and allow a state of faith. You cannot focus on the loss of a love and attract more love into your life. And you can’t focus on a lack of anything without increasing your experience of lack.

So, how can you release feelings of lack and step into greater abundance? Here are three powerful practices that will guide you through this transformation:

Practice #1: Expand your consciousness to include your Divine Source.
Turn your attention to the energy stream that is the well source of everything, and realize that you are an effortless recipient of it. You are wholly and totally provided for. There is nothing you need to effort toward, and there is nothing you need to prove.

Just think about it: Plants don’t effort toward the sun; they expand, naturally and effortlessly, toward the source of light. You don’t struggle to keep your heart beating and your blood flowing. You accept these things as a part of your birthright. So accept also that you are an integral part of All-That-Is, and as such, you have equal access to all of its abundance.

Remember this the next time you watch a sunrise or sunset, or look out over a vast expanse. The intelligence that created all of that is flowing to you and through you. Do not deny yourself access to this! Claim it by acknowledging and celebrating this fact.

Practice #2: Focus on the abundance that exists on the other side of lack. Anytime you become aware of a problem or a shortage of any kind, mentally place yourself on the other side of it.

Without a problem, there can be no solutions. Without hunger, there can be no satiation. Lack and abundance are two sides of the same coin. You have the power to choose on which end of this spectrum you apply your attention and focus.

Practice looking for and imagining solutions. Look for evidence of what is already working and thriving. Look for what is already abundant in your life. Know that the resources to bring about any desired outcome already exist. Invite them into your experience. In your heart, mind and energy field, clear a space for them. And become open to receive.

Practice #3: Put yourself in the vibrational stance of already having the abundance you desire.
How do you believe the fulfillment of this desire will cause you to feel? What version of yourself do you believe its fulfillment will inspire you to be? Once you identify that state of being, step into it with your mind and heart. Embody it.

By looking beyond what you want to the deeper desire of why you want it, you reconnect with the bottom-line feeling that you’re really searching for.

You desire greater abundance not because you enjoy the feeling of money between your fingers. You want it because you believe having it will make you feel a certain way. And you have the ability to connect with that feeling state right now. You don’t need to postpone feeling good until you arrive at some future destination!

Remember, anytime you are focused on something that does not feel good to you, it means only one thing. In that particular moment, and in relation to that particular desire, you are focused more upon lack than you are on abundance. You’re more aware of its absence than you are on its becoming. You’re focused upon the situation as it is, and not on how you’d prefer it to be. In this instance, you are using the powerful lens of your attention to resist the very outcome you desire. And in so doing, you are working against yourself.

To make the shift from lack to abundance, take every opportunity and make every excuse to contemplate things that make you happy. Dwell on things that lift your heart to the frequency of gratitude.