the secret to finding love

The secret to finding love – or anything you desire, for that matter – is to stop looking for it.


It sounds counterintuitive, I know.


But once you understand that vibration is the hidden force orchestrating every manifestation, this makes perfect sense.


By applying these basic Law of Attraction principles, you will naturally become more magnetic to love.


Law of Attraction Principle #1: Like vibrations are drawn together.


In this energetic universe in which we all live, every possible, conceivable vibration exists.  Think of this range of vibrational frequencies like shades of light in a rainbow.  


At the low, dense, and dark end of the spectrum are energies like fear, hatred, desperation, and shame.  


And at the high, light end of the vibrational spectrum are the energies of joy, appreciation, fulfillment, and love.  


As human beings, we are energy receivers, containers, and transmitters. And this means we have the power to align with any energy along this spectrum.   


So what does understanding vibration have to do with finding love? 


Well, to attract the vibration of love, your personal energy field must be in resonance with the love you desire. If you’re vibrating in harmony with guilt, fear, or shame, you won’t be able to perceive love, even when it’s all around you. 


Vibration is primary. And where we place our focus, we resonate in harmony with.  So, if we’re focused on the absence of something, the vibration of absence becomes our experience.  If we’re focused with appreciation on the presence of something, satisfaction, and appreciation grows in our vibrational field.  


And this is why the secret to finding love is to stop looking for it.  


Law of Attraction Principle #2: The vibration of ‘looking’ and the vibration of ‘finding’ are diametrically opposed.


Think for a moment about the mood or attitude you’re in when you’re actively looking for something you perceive as missing. Almost without exception, it’s accompanied by a feeling of angst or impatience – even worry or despair that you may never find it. 


Now, shake that off and in its place, remember what it feels like to have found or created something pleasing to you.  This is actually very easy to do!  


Simply look around your life and take note of all the wonderful people, objects, situations, and conditions that surround you.  And then, beyond simply noticing all your blessings, allow yourself to really drink them in and feel their impact on you.  


The fact that you have a roof over your head, items of beauty in your environment, and access to fresh air and sunlight is itself a cause for celebration.  That you have money in your pocket, food in your refrigerator, and loving people in your life are blessings not to be overlooked!


Just by taking a few minutes to acknowledge the many blessings in your life, you shift your vibration from looking to finding.  You stop looking for love and begin being love. And once you make this shift, you become a magnet for all things you desire.


Law of Attraction Principle #3: The secret to finding love is to acknowledge that ‘wanting’ and ‘having’ are two sides of the same vibrational coin. 


The fact is, if it were not for the absence of something, you would never desire it in the first place!  Wanting and having are two sides of the same coin.  And the same is true with looking and finding.  


So the next time you find yourself dwelling in the absence of something, remind yourself of this:  the very fact that you desire it is evidence that it exists!  By nurturing your desire and believing in it, you feed your creation with life-giving creative energy.  


Whenever you catch yourself focused on the lack of something you desire, you can immediately pivot to its presence.  You do this by deliberately looking for things that feel good when you see them. 


What you’ll begin to notice is that love is absolutely everywhere!  It’s in the person who lets you into traffic.  It’s in the kind of interaction between you and your child.   The secret to finding love is acknowledging that love is who you are, at your very essence.  


And in every moment, you have the ability to find something to be in love with, and to make that your point of focus.  


Ultimately, the secret to finding love is feeling good about who you are and where you are right now.  When this is your inner set point, everything in your external environment will meet you there.  

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