vibrational match

If you’re not yet manifesting the things you desire, it’s not because you haven’t asked for them.   It’s because you haven’t yet learned how to become a vibrational match to the things you desire.  

But by applying a few basic universal principles, you’ll be able to manifest your deepest desires with greater speed and a lot more joy.   These universal principles are not difficult to understand.  They work the same for everyone, regardless of age, status, color, or culture.  You are the center of everything you attract into your life.  These 3 energy mastery principles will help you to align your vibration with all you’ve been hoping to receive.   

Energy Mastery Principle #1:  You are an energy transmitter and receiver.

As human beings, we are both energy transmitters and energy receivers.  This means, in every moment we’re generating a vibration that is broadcasted to the far corners of the universe.  And what comes back to us in the form of our life experiences always matches the vibe we’re sending out. 

The beliefs you hold carry a certain vibration, and make you receptive to experiences that confirm what you’ve already concluded to be true.  Likewise, your chronic moods, emotions and attitudes also become a vibrational set-point that you return to time and time again.   

The vibrational set-point where you most dominantly reside is a bit like the set-point on a thermometer.  It regulates the range of vibrations you are easily able to allow into your experience.  And if your desires fall outside of that familiar set-point, they don’t easily flow into your experience.  Instead, they remain as unmanifested desires.   

To attract a different frequency of experiences in your life, you must become conscious of what you’re currently a vibrational match to.  What comes back to you is always a vibrational match to what you are sending out.   

Energy Mastery Principle #2:  To become a vibrational match to your desires, become more mindful of the words you speak.  

The thoughts you think generate a vibration and place you in energetic proximity of other similar-feeling thoughts.  And when you voice your thoughts aloud, their attraction power grows exponentially.   

Every word we speak generates momentum, and the more words we offer about what isn’t wanted, the more unwanted momentum we create.  Put simply, if we talk about everything that’s terrible, we not only feel terrible but are more likely to create terrible outcomes.  But thankfully, this also works in reverse.  With a little deliberate attention, we can align our words with the positive outcomes we desire to create.  

Energy Mastery Principle #3:  As often as you can, reach for the vibration of gratitude.  

The energy of gratitude is one of the highest vibrations in all of the universe.  With the same velocity that negative thinking repels the outcomes we desire, gratitude attracts them to us.   This is because gratitude causes us to focus on the abundance we already have, which expands us and increases our capacity for more.  In a state of gratitude, you become a vibrational match to the people, situations, and opportunities you desire.   

Speak often about the things you appreciate, and acknowledge the blessings that are all around you. In so doing, you become a vibrational match to all that you desire.  Because you reside in a vibration where love, success, freedom, prosperity, and joy abound and invite them to flow easily into your experience.  

This universe is unendingly abundant, which means that it has the ability to yield to us whatever experiences we desire. All we need to do to claim the abundance that is our birthright is to become vibrationally aligned with the energy of our own desires.


Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  Her latest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is on sale now at Christy communicates with, and for, The Quantum Council, a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success, and loving relationships.  You can take the first step in alignment and creating your desires by a free 30-day program called Watch Your Words by going here: