I am often asked, “what is channeling and how did you start doing it?” 

This episode of the Quantum Success Show will answer those very questions. And, more!

You will be able to see the clip where The Council came through me.


“We ARE Here!” is what “The Council” typically says now when they appear and communicate their wisdom through me. And, my voice changes — the cadence, the inflection, the accent (there’s debate about the national origin of the voice… some say British, some say South African, some Australian — most likely it’s a combination since so many high vibrational beings of light comprise The Council).

I hand over my consciousness to The Council to communicate whatever message they are wanting to convey. I have no memory of what has been said and need to be told or view the replay to know what came out of my own mouth!

I have always received information from my guides in the form of suggestions, words, pictures to share with clients or to write my books. My “downloads” would often come at odd hours of the night — and when they did, I acted. I wrote all of the information being transmitted and I published it. Two have become New York Times bestsellers. Another, my most recent — The Desire Factor, sold out in its first week and is a top seller in its respective categories on Amazon.

As I developed my abilities to listen to my guides — it got to a point where it was easier for me to surrender and allow them to speak using my body — or more specifically, my mouth (rather than me trying to “translate” their words for them). This happened during a Sacred Circle of Light group (one of my most intimate group coaching settings) where I was working with a client and The Council decided that they could express themselves better without my consciousness attempting to translate their thoughts into words.

That’s how it all began. Above is the video clip where The Council came through me for the first time — along with some explanation and introduction.

And why are they here? To assist humanity. Period. 

How can they help you?