February 2016 – Divine Manifesting Tips & Stories

Leap – The Coaching Documentary
February 3, 2016
Interpret Everything and Everyone in Your Dreams as an Aspect of Yourself
February 3, 2016

One of my greatest values is generosity. I love being generous with charities that I love supporting, and they always have to do with children. I love giving generously to those I love and care about. And I love being generous with myself.

I get asked a lot what was one of my major changes in going from broke to financially abundant.

There were many things I shifted, and I share them and take clients through it during the Creating Money course.

The BIGGEST action I took and continue to take is to give to charities and causes that mean something to me.

Ever since Maxim’s surgery, I have been giving generously to the two hospitals that saved his life.

In the last year, I started to support The Unstoppable Foundation, because they build villages in Africa, giving the community medical care, water, food, and education.

It feels so good to give, and that good feeling is an indication of a high vibration.

Recently, Cynthia Kersey, founder of The Unstoppable Foundation, send me a pillow with pictures of the children and women whose lives have been touched by our supporting a village. And the good feelings expanded even more.


When someone is struggling with money, it is hard to even conceive of giving what you don’t have. I get it. But that was one thing… I gave a dollar where I could. Then I had more and I was able to give more.

And that is how it goes. 🙂


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