Magnetic Monday: The ecstasy of Surrender with Dr. Judith Orloff

Magnetic Monday: Ending procrastination for good…
March 24, 2014
April 2014 – Note from Christy
April 2, 2014

Oh the topic of this show is so good and so needed!

This week on the Quantum Success Show I discuss with Dr. Judith Orloff the importance of surrender.

Get Dr. Orloff’s amazing book The Ecstasy of Surrender to tap the power of letting go! After you watch the video, click here for details.

What is surrender? And what it is NOT!

Why is surrendering so important?

How does it apply with the Universal Laws?

How do you surrender?

What areas of our lives does it apply? Cliff note version: ALL areas!

Whatever we are resisting in our lives, we need to surrender.

What do you need to surrender in your life?

This is a really powerful episode and it’s only 15 minutes long. Take a break and watch it here

You’ll love what you learn, I promise 🙂

Much love and surrender,



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