There Has To Be More with Jennifer Kauffman

In this episode Christy and Jennifer Kauffman discuss: Our purpose in life  Showing compassion to yourself Making a mosaic Key Takeaways:  Trauma can be a gift if it leads us into the path of the divine. On the other side of suffering is a gift: freedom.  Create a...

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The Art of Feeling Good About Your Desire

When you bring to mind something that you desire, what emotions are most easily triggered within you?  Do you feel excitement, eagerness, and joyful expectation?   Or are you gripped with doubt, frustration, or uncertainty?   Your answer to this is crucial because...

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The Council Speaks on The Principle of Joyful Expectancy

In this episode Christy and The Council discuss: The sunshine of the mind Figuring out your focus Responding to contrast Key Takeaways:  Optimism is like the sunshine of the mind, it promotes beauty, growth, and draws to it more of the same. When you find yourself not...

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How to Let Go of Bad Habits

Bad habits fall into two basic categories: External vices and internal vices.   External vices are the destructive behaviors that obviously come to mind: Smoking, overeating, compulsively shopping, drinking too much, nail-biting, or obsessing over social media.  These...

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