You Create Your Own Weather 

In this episode Christy and Rob discuss: Changing the mood of a room  The power of expectations  Sending out your order to the universe Key Takeaways:  You have the power to alter the mood and the tone of a room when you walk in. That means you can either bring the...

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How to Create Clear Agreements With These 4 Powerful Questions

Think back to the times in your life when you experienced a communication breakdown that left you feeling hurt, frustrated, or confused.  Chances are, the common denominator in each of these scenarios was the absence of a clear agreement.   Clear agreements are the...

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The Council Speaks on Current Events…

I wanted to get this out to you, because it’s really important information for the state of affairs that people are experiencing  right now. They were asked... Since the Fourth of July, I have been trying to formulate how to succinctly express myself in a “brief”...

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Clear Agreements – Quickie with Rob

In this episode Christy and Rob discuss: The consequences of vagueness Stating expectations clearly  Being specific and detailed  Key Takeaways:  As humans, we have a tendency to miscommunicate - we have vague expectations - and when that happens, a lot of mistakes...

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