Energy Mastery Secrets for Dealing with Difficult People


Is it possible to maintain your good mood and productivity even in the presence of a difficult person?  The answer is yes, and the key to success comes from learning to master your own energy field.  


Energy mastery is a skill well within our control, but few choose to use it.


What’s common is to allow ourselves to become irritated by other people’s laziness, or on edge in response to other people’s bad moods.  In other words, we blame them for the dip in our vibration.  After all, if they’d just behave, we’d be happy, right?!


The problem is, when we demand that others change to make us feel better, we give them all the power in our life experience.  And in so doing, we’re allowing other people’s vibrations to dictate our own.  


You already know that your vibration is the point of attraction for everything that manifests in your life.  And this is why it’s of the utmost importance to maintain your own energetic alignment, regardless of how difficult those around you are behaving.  


Here are 3 energy mastery tips for becoming the generator of your own moods, attitudes, and vibrations.  These will serve you in every situation, but especially when you find yourself having to deal with difficult people.  


Energy Mastery Tip #1: Acknowledge that you and you alone are in control of your own vibration.


It’s tempting to assign others the credit – and the blame – for the way we feel.  But railing against or blaming difficult people for being difficult only introduces more chaos into our own personal vibration.  


We have to recognize that the only reason we tense against people and situations that we perceive as unpleasant is because we believe that other people’s energies have the power to influence our energy stream.  And it while it may seem true, this is never, ever the case.


What is true is that you can allow someone else’s confusion to negatively affect your clarity. Just like you can allow someone else’s sadness to diminish your happiness.  But in every case, you are the one who is choosing.  And once you realize this, you reclaim your power to choose differently.   


Think of all the possible energies that exist in this world like frequencies that you could tune into, like tuning to a particular channel on TV.  You are the one who chooses the frequency, and if you find that the broadcast is no longer pleasing, you can change the channel.   This is a lot easier to do once you make the commitment to tend to your vibration in advance.  


Energy Mastery Tip #2: Choose your mood, your attitude – and therefore, your vibration – in advance of any encounter.  


Before you drag your physical body into any new interaction or experience, make sure your energy body is attuned to the experience you desire to create.  In other words, don’t just stumble into a situation or interaction and hope for the best! Rather, take some time before the encounter to get clear on what you desire, and to set the intention to create it.  


Say for example that you desire to have an easy and flowing conversation with someone who has a tendency to be argumentative or difficult.  By cultivating the energies of joy, expansion, ease, connection and wellbeing within yourself, you invite them to join you in that vibration. The higher you raise your energy frequency level ahead of time, the easier it will be to sustain that high-flying vibration.    


Energy Mastery Tip #3: Be willing to distract yourself by any means necessary in order to keep your vibration high.


A lot of people think that their only choice is to grin and bear difficult people – particularly if you work with them or are married to them.  But we always have more options available to us than that.  Even when circumstances demand that you be in the same room with this person, you still have plenty of options as to where and how you direct your attention.  


For example, you could make a mental list of everything in your life that is going well.  You could allow your attention to focus on an experience or event coming up that you’re especially looking forward to.  You can reminisce on a past event or relationship that was interesting or fun.


By deliberately turning your attention to pleasant things, you separate yourself from unwanted momentum.  You stop being influenced by the energy of difficult people, and become masterful at sustaining your own vibration.

And so, while it’s true that difficult people are experts at broadcasting a discordant signal, it’s also true that we can choose to tune into that signal or not.  The most effective way to deal with negative or difficult people is to choose to give all of your attention to what is wanted and let go of the rest.     

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