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It’s true… parenting can sometimes suck! When our energy fields are depleted or misaligned, our kids have a way of reflecting back to us our own inner chaos.  But by taking responsibility for our personal alignment, we generate a vibration of harmony that ripples throughout our households and our lives.  

Here are 3 more energy mastery practices for re-balancing and replenishing your own energy reserves.     

Practice #4: Utilize your power of focus.  

Our power of focus is so enormous because what we focus on expands and becomes more in our reality.  We attract evidence of what we already believe to be true.

Have you ever noticed that your kids act differently when they’re in the home of one of their friends, or when they’re playing sports, or even when they’re in the classroom, than they do with you?  This has everything to do with the power of focus. If you focus on all the ways parenting sucks, the universe will knock itself out bringing you experiences that confirm this expectation! 

Different expectations create different results.  A good athletic coach steps onto the field with the expectation of bringing out the best in his or her athletes.  An effective teacher brings to his or her classroom the expectation of inspiring her students’ love of learning. 

To be an energy master is to use the power of our focus to deliberately notice, accentuate and encourage that which we want to create.   

And yet, how often as parents do we unwittingly expect the worst from our kids?  How often do we dwell on their past mistakes or focus on what they haven’t done, rather on what they have? 

To apply the power of focus to your relationship with your kids, make it a practice to think about all that you appreciate about them.  Keep a running list of all their positive aspects.  Do your best to be generous with, and genuine with, your praise and acknowledgment of all they’re doing right.  Take a time out from housework or to-do lists, and simply be with them and appreciate all the joy they’ve brought into your life.  And then watch to see how your kids rise to the level of appreciation you’re flowing to them.  What you focus on expands.  

Practice #5: Establish clear boundaries.’s definition of a boundary is “something that indicates a border or limit.”  A boundary is simply a demarcation that we create around us to let ourselves and others know what we are willing to accept and what we are not.  It’s a way of marking our space and creating a standard of what we expect. 

Your boundaries are an extension of your vision of yourself as a parent. And this is why it’s essential to begin with a clear vision of who we want to be and the type of energy we want to promote in our households.  If we skip this step, we will most likely have no idea what our boundaries are until they’ve been violated in some way. This type of reactive parenting sucks in every way! 

To create effective boundaries, begin by making sure you’re connected to the “why” behind each boundary.  “Because I said so” does not provide a clear and compelling “why!”  Your “why” is the end feeling result you hope to achieve.  If you set a boundary that the dinner table is a cell phone-free zone, you want to ask yourself why this is important to you.  Most likely, it stems from your desire for peace and quiet, or for meaningful connection.

The more connected you are to your “why,” the more cooperation you’ll elicit from those around you.

The next step in creating effective boundaries is to communicate your “why” to your child in a way that is meaningful to him or her.  And again, the more you can focus on what is wanted, rather than on what is not wanted, the more effective you’ll be.  

Lastly, the boundaries we set will only be effective if we’re consistent with them.  If you’re going to bend the rules from time to time – on school vacations or while traveling, for example – make sure you communicate this to your kids.    

Boundaries are incredibly useful structures that keep us on track as parents and help our kids to understand our expectations of them as well.   

Practice #6: Create the vibration of your household intentionally, not by default.    

As the leader of your family, you have a critically important choice to make. You get to choose whether to be the deliberate creator of the vibrational atmosphere of your home or a reactor to it.  The first choice will leave you feeling empowered. The second choice will leave you feeling that parenting sucks.  

An average person places his or her happiness in the hands of other people, believing that “If only my son would be more respectful, or if only my daughter would listen to my advice, then I’d feel relieved; then I would be happy.”   As energy masters, we actively seek out the bottom-line feeling we think we need other people’s cooperation to achieve and intentionally generate that feeling within ourselves.  

To become a more deliberate creator in your household, identify some aspect of your relationship with your kids that you would like to be different.

Then ask yourself, “How would I feel if I succeeded in changing this condition?”  What is the core, bottom-line emotion you are striving for?  

And then, use that information to become the deliberate creator of your own reality by asking yourself, “What can I do right now to generate that feeling within myself?”  

Remember, energy comes first, then manifestation.  Flow your energy on purpose, and parenting will no longer suck.  Everything and everyone in your life responds in turn to the energy you are flowing.     


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