vibration of fear

The vibration of fear is one of the lowest, slowest, and most constricting energies we can experience. In its grip, we feel utterly at the mercy of someone or something outside ourselves, powerless to create our own experience.


What’s more, when the vibration of fear is activated within us, we temporarily lose access to our power to create what we desire.  This is because when we’re in fear, we are resisting or blocking the very outcomes we want.  We might believe we’re thinking about the success we’re trying to manifest when in actuality we’re flowing our creative energy toward failure.  


This means you’re not actually contemplating the exciting business venture, meeting your soulmate, or manifesting the money to buy your dream house.  When you’re in the vibration of fear, 100% of the time, you’re thinking about the absence of those things.  You’re thinking – and therefore flowing potent creative energy toward – what if I never meet him? What if the business deal falls through, or I don’t have enough money to pay the mortgage?  The vibration of fear sabotages both our happiness and our power to create our desires. And this is why it’s so important to deactivate this vibration whenever you feel it arising within you.  


Here are 3 energy mastery principles to help you to do just that: 


Step One to Release the Vibration of Fear: Take a time out.


It’s impossible to think clearly, or to even conceive of a new possibility when our bodies are flooded with adrenaline.  So, once you’ve concluded that your life is not actually in danger (and it rarely is), the first step is to release the fight-or-flight hormones that are surging through you.


Step away from the subject at hand. Go for a brisk walk. Sit in the sun for a few moments. Drink a large glass of water.  Above all, breathe deeply and consciously, and allow your breath to bring you back to the well-being of the present moment.  Once you have released the fight or flight chemicals in your body, you can take the next step in releasing the vibration of fear. 


Step Two to Release the Vibration of Fear: Give yourself permission to feel fear as an energy.  


Most of us are in the habit of pushing away, minimizing, or completely denying our feelings.  There are dozens of reasons why we do this, from caring about what others think of us to worrying that our emotions will overwhelm us if we grant them the right to exist.


But unless and until we allow ourselves to feel the energy of fear, there’s just no way we can effectively lift off of this vibration. Our emotions serve an important purpose of bringing us moment-to-moment wisdom and information. Within the energy of fear there is a kernel of wisdom that can actually help guide you toward the experiences you most desire.  But you have to be willing to open the door in order to receive this message.  


So give yourself permission to breathe into the vibration of fear when it arises. Acknowledge that it’s just energy moving through you.  If you allow it to move without resistance, it will rise and fall completely on its own.

Step Three to Release the Vibration of Fear: View fear as a reminder to focus more clearly on what you desire, not on what you don’t want.  


Ultimately, the gift of fear is one of self-empowerment.  Because whenever we’re caught in a vibration of fear, one thing is sure:  We’re focusing more on what we don’t want than what we do. 

The next time you’re having a fearful moment, remind yourself that you always have the power to deliberately direct your focus.  You can complain about problems or you can envision their solutions. You can focus on what’s missing from your life, or on the areas where you are incredibly abundant.  

Remember that energy flows in the direction that our attention goes. So decide on the quality of vibration that you would like to bring into your physical and mental body and put your attention there!  All it takes is for you to place 51% of your attention on what you desire for your entire mood and energy to flip.  

You can imagine the energies of joy, expansion, ease, connection, well-being – whatever you are needing in that moment – pouring from your divine source into you. And just feel this frequency soothing and uplifting every dimension of your being.  

Remember that you are the one who sets the energetic tone for your life, and you can choose whatever energy you desire.  Every time the vibration of fear arises within you, just know that it’s pointing you back toward this truth. 


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