Raising Spiritual Vibration

Raising Spiritual Vibration

When Someone Says to “Raise Your Spiritual Vibration,’ What Do They Mean?

What exactly is a “vibration?”  How do the vibes you send out affect the quality of your life?  And, how can you learn to raise your vibration on purpose in order to draw to you the things you most desire?

The answer to these questions is simpler than you might think!

The first step to understanding vibration is to embrace what modern science and quantum physics have now proven without question:  Everything in this seemingly manifest and tangible universe is made up not of matter, but of energy.

Even our physical bodies, which appear so solid and static, are made up of an ever-moving sea of energy.  Everything is energy, and energy is always in motion.

So, knowing that everything is energy and energy is always in motion is the first step in understanding vibration.  The second point to understand is that all energy is not created equal. It moves at varying degrees of speed and at different ranges of frequency.

Fast or Slow Energy = High or Low Vibration

Think about the moment-to-moment fluctuation of your thoughts, moods and emotions.  When you’re experiencing bad-feeling, painful emotions such as fear, resentment or shame, what happens to your energy level?  It comes to a grinding halt, because the energy of those emotions moves at a slow and resisted rate of speed.

Now consider the effect that high-flying, good-feeling emotions like anticipation, exhilaration and freedom have on your energy level.  They send you soaring, right?

Your vibration determines whether life is a joy and things happen easily, or whether every moment feels like a grind.  And the frequency of your most dominant thoughts and emotions is what determines whether your vibration is low or high.  Thankfully, raising your spiritual vibration is simply a matter of choosing higher frequency states of being. And the highest of all frequencies is the frequency of love.

Conditional vs. Unconditional Love

“Love” is a loaded word that can mean a lot of different things to different people.  Movies, music, and pop culture talk endlessly about lost love, unrequited love, and love gone bad.  Our own past hurts, regrets and self-doubts weigh heavily on our hearts. We tie love to specific conditions, and make it contingent on the behavior of others:  “I’ll love you if you agree with me.” “I’ll love you if you change.” “I’ll love you if you give me your undivided attention.” This is not high-vibration love, but examples of a type of love that is conditional and binding.

Unconditional love is at the opposite end of this spectrum.  This is love that is not based in yearning but in abundance. When we are unconditionally loving, we appreciate – not in reaction to a condition, but for the sheer pleasure of appreciating.  And our appreciation appreciates and is returned back to us.

The Law of Attraction

All of our relationships and experiences are organized and orchestrated by the powerful Law of Attraction.  We attract to ourselves those people, situations and outcomes that are harmonic with the vibration we are sending out. The quality of your life experience—your health and vitality, your financial abundance, and the amount of joy you feel – is always a reflection of the quality of energy you are emitting in every moment.  By consciously choosing the thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and perspectives you offer, you change the conditions you draw into your life. Here’s how to raise your spiritual vibration relative to any aspect of your life:

  1. Begin with a powerful intent.

Think of a situation in which you are feeling disempowered or limited in some way.  Now, instead of focusing on what’s missing in this situation, take stock of all that is working and going well.  Bring forth an intention to see this situation from the highest perspective that’s available to you in this moment.  By setting out to see the situation through the eyes of love, you radically enhance your chances of finding it.

  1. Release what’s in the way.

Fear, doubt, righteousness and other negative emotions prevent us from experiencing the high-flying vibration of unconditional love.  These mental states are filled with resistance, and resistance is the only factor that lowers vibration. When you find yourself in a negative state, process your emotions by acknowledging and experiencing them completely.  By allowing them to be rather than pushing them away, you encourage the blocked energy to begin moving.

  1. Consciously bring in a higher frequency.

The circumstances you find yourself in do not have to control the way you feel.  You have the power to affect your own mood and attitude by deliberately choosing your perspective.  Decide to bring into yourself a new, higher vibration. Do your best to see the situation from a more positive vantage point.  A great way of doing this is to ask yourself, “What would love do in this situation?” or, “What’s the most loving thing I could do for myself right now?”

Remember that your emotions tell you how high or low a vibration you are offering in each moment.  Generally speaking, when you feel good, you are in an energy field of love and abundance. When you feel bad, it’s because you are vibrating within an energy field of lack.  Emotions are simply energy in motion and like the keys on a piano, each one vibrates at a particular frequency. Use this information to deliberately raise your spiritual vibration, and everything in your life will reflect this inner change.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit www.watchyourwords.com and gain access to a free 30-day training.


5 Signs That You’re A Light-worker (And Ready to Expand Your Consciousness)

  • Have you ever intentionally directed your love, caring, kindness, or attention toward another plant, animal, or a human being?
  • Does it bring you joy to contribute to the happiness or wellbeing of another?
  • Are you sensitive to other people’s energy – both positive and negative?  
  • Do you try to see the best in others, and to notice what’s going well in most situations?
  • Have you discovered for yourself how great you feel when you appreciate, and how bad you feel when you criticize?  

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these five signs, you are not only a light-worker, but you’re ready to expand your consciousness to become a transmitter of even more energy and power.   

The term “light-worker” may conjure images of reiki masters or hands-on healers, but in truth, they exist in every profession and walk of life:  the parent who nurtures his child’s confidence and self-awareness… the physician who goes the extra mile to understand her patients… even the barista who hands you your latte along with a big smile.  In each of these interactions, high-frequency energy is the “light” that’s being exchanged.

Of course, there are many other types of energy exchange.  The guy who flies into a rage in traffic or unloads her personal frustrations on an innocent receptionist are also transmitting energy, but it’s of a much slower and denser quality.  What makes you a light-worker is the quality of the energy you broadcast most frequently.

It’s All About Energy

Everything in the universe is made up of energy.  This includes things in the outer world that you can perceive with your five senses, like your computer, your car, and your physical body.  And it also includes the things your senses can’t perceive, such as your thoughts, feelings, desires, expectations, and beliefs.

You are a walking, talking energy tower who is in every moment transmitting and receiving energy.  When the frequency you are personally emitting is one of prosperity, generosity, love, and joy, you automatically raise the vibration of all you come into contact with.   And, when you’re committed to doing this deliberately, it’s a sure sign that you’re a light-worker.

Frequency Control

It’s important to note that everyone is occasionally a light-worker – in the sense that we all broadcast and receive high-frequency energies like love and appreciation many times each day.  But for most people, these moments of clarity and happiness are conditional. When someone is pleasant or a situation is turning out well, they have a good-feeling response. But when people are not behaving nicely or circumstances are not pleasing, they feel bad and, as a result, their vibration drops.  This conditional approach to life makes us inconsistent light-workers at best.

The desire to exercise more deliberate control over the vibration you’re offering in any given moment is a sure sign that you are ready to expand your consciousness to allow in more light.  Here are 3 steps to opening yourself up to receive, broadcast – and therefore, attract – even more high-frequency experiences in your life:

Decide in advance of each situation or interaction what frequency of light you want to shine.  

If you want to strengthen the high-flying, good-feeling aspects of an intimate relationship, don’t wait until you’re on the brink of an argument to decide that you want a peaceful evening.  Instead, take a step back to remember and appreciate the most positive aspects of your significant other, of the relationship as a whole, and of yourself.

What lighthearted or loving qualities do you most enjoy expressing with this person?  Is it your playfulness? Your sensuality? Your care and devotion? By identifying ahead of time the qualities you want to bring to your next interaction, you activate and intensify that frequency of light within you.

Make sure you’re pouring from a full cup.  

You can’t give to others what you are deficient in within yourself.  To share your brightest light with the world, you have to fill yourself up with it first.  Anytime you find your energy waning, instead of pushing through it, give yourself a moment to close your eyes, breathe, and find a better-feeling thought.  Doing things that nourish and replenish you will recharge your energy and rekindle your internal light.

Make feeling good your top priority.  

Remember, your emotions are your guide to the level of frequency you are out-putting in every moment.  The better you feel, the higher your frequency, and the lighter you are able to give and receive. Make a commitment to keeping your own emotions flying high.  Give yourself permission to opt out of conversations or relationships that bring you down. Walk away from potential arguments before they start. Take advantage of every possible opportunity to appreciate, to bask, and to flow love to those around you.  Notice how expanding your consciousness to express more light simultaneously expands your ability to receive.

Turn Yourself into a Magnet for Everything Your Heart Desires

When I was little, I was fascinated by magnets. I loved being able to attract items like paperclips simply by holding a magnet near them. And I was equally enthralled when the magnet’s invisible force would push other items away.

What I didn’t realize then is that … our energy works just like the little horseshoe-shaped magnet I played with as a child.

Our energy is constantly attracting certain things, people and experiences – and absolutely repelling others.
The problem is that, quite often, we’re unconsciously repelling the things that we want the most.

Do you notice this happening in your own life?

One of the most important things to do is make sure you’re focusing your energy in the right place.

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” Focusing on what you don’t have only ensures that you’ll continue creating situations where you don’t have what you want. If, on the other hand, you start focusing on affirming what you do have, you’ll start to attract more of it.

But then there is something else you can do. This is the “secret sauce” that makes it fast and easy to manifest anything you want.

It’s called magnetizing … and it’s the process of turning yourself into an energetic magnet, so you can attract things to you with the speed, ease and confidence I had as a child, when catching paperclips with my little handheld magnet.

Magnetizing is a process of aligning your energy with what you want to attract, removing any limitations that keep you playing small, as well as eliminating any blocks that are unconsciously repelling the very things you want to attract.

When my client Paul started using magnetism, he started thinking in unlimited ways (very unusual for him at the time!). He ended up getting engaged – and doubled his income within a year.

I’ve learned that adding magnetism to my own manifestation process dramatically accelerates the speed and ease with which I attract what I want. In fact, I’d say one hour of doing inner work is worth about 7 hours of outer work or action.

If you’re curious to know more about magnetism and how to incorporate this easy tool into your manifestation process, join me for my new online training, “Magnetizing and Manifesting: How to Use the Universal Principles of Energy and Abundance to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.” I’ll explain more about how magnetism works and share 6 principles for making yourself more magnetic.

The training is free, and it’s open to the public (so invite your friends!) Get more details and register here.

Interview with Anthony Chambers

Earlier this week, I was interviewed on the radio by someone very special. Anthony Chambers is one of my past students from the QSCA and is now a certified coach, author, and radio host. We had a great discussion. I am very proud of him! Click below to listen to our interview! (Note, there is a song at the beginning – skip forward to about the 5 minute mark to hear the interview.)

Guest Appearance on The Inspiration Show!

I have something VERY exciting to share with you today…

Law of Attraction guru and co-founder of Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell, asked me to be a guest on her popular online TV show, The Inspiration Show!

Watch my interview right here

I have been using the Law of Attraction for 15 years, but during the show I reveal that the LOA is only one of 7 universal laws…

Hear about the other 6 universal laws right here.

During the interview, I share how my life has completely transformed in the last 15 years since discovering the LOA, including manifesting a successful company, my wonderful husband, and 2 amazing sons!

But, my life didn’t always look this way, find out how I moved past the struggle that I had been previously accustomed to by understanding these laws.

I hope you enjoyed this show as much as I did making it for you! 🙂

Have a wonderful day,



Many times I get asked, “What is the silver bullet in working with the Universal Laws?” And I always say, “Self-love.”

Why self-love? Remembering that everything is energy, love is one of the highest energy vibrations. It does not matter if we are talking about love or self-love. The easiest way to be in a high vibration is loving yourself.

What is self-love? Self-love is loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are right now. It is being kind, considerate, and loving to you! It is treating yourself with respect and unconditional acceptance. It is listening to your own wishes, goals, and dreams. It is making yourself feel special and cherished and not waiting for someone else to do this for you. It is recognizing and celebrating your own successes. It is being open and honest with yourself. It is being willing to express yourself and speak your own truth. It is being completely connected in heart, mind, body, and soul with YOU.

Many people do not do all of these acts of self-love. We are willing to do them for others, but not for ourselves. Instead we are critical of our flaws, override many of our needs, take for granted our positive attributes and accomplishments, and generally devote little time or attention to connecting with our own hearts and spirits. We seek true love and companionship from another, but we have no idea how to give this to ourselves.

Self-love simply means believing in your own essential worthiness. It is nurturing a healthy sense of positive self-regard and knowing in your heart that you are valuable. Loving yourself also means actively caring for every part of YOU. It shows up in every action you take, from the food you eat to sustain your body to leaving a relationship that does not fulfill you. It means paying attention to and honoring your own wants and needs.

Not everyone grows up with a high self-esteem or feelings of worthiness. In fact, most of us feel unworthy or “not good enough,” which goes against our entire natural way of well-being. Most people feel there is something that is not good enough in their lives, whether it is their bodies, intelligence, finances, relationships, emotions, or their spirituality. However, respecting, nurturing, honoring, and cherishing yourself is your birthright and something you can learn, just like learning to transform your thoughts.

If you do not love yourself, it is impossible to love another. You can only give away what you have. You may be able to give love, but if you are not able to give it to yourself, you will not know how to receive, and the receiving is a very large part of being in a healthy, loving relationship. Loving yourself is the best way to learn how to love. Love is an action that requires certain understandings, skills, and capacities. By loving yourself, you then are able to love another.

Only when you have successfully mastered taking care of your own needs can you know how to extend that same attention to others. Think about when you are on an airplane. When the flight attendant is going over the safety instructions he/she says, “If you are traveling with a small child, place the oxygen mask over your own face first before attending to the child.” You can’t help someone else, including all the people you care about, if you haven’t helped yourself first. I know for me and my work in the world, I can’t empower others until I have first empowered myself.

Self-love doesn’t just happen. It is a skill and something that you have to learn to give to yourself. With most of my coaching clients, they are very unclear on how to practice self-love. It is like learning to play golf for the first time. If you went out on the golf course and never had anyone show you how to pick up a golf club, you would have no idea how to play. And you probably would be really bad at it. But as you learn and practice, you get better and better. The same is true for any new skill. Self-love is one of those new skills. I have coached many of my clients to learn to love themselves by following my system, and I also practice self-love on a daily basis using the same system. It is very easy to do, and it is simple when you follow a successful system.

There are many ways you can love yourself, and everything that happens to you is a wonderful opportunity to have a loving experience. With the right thoughts, and the right perspective, anything can be an occasion to love YOU. When things seem to be going against you, you can use it as an opportunity to see where you are focused on what you don’t want and limiting yourself from having what you do want.

One of the many benefits of self-love is that you can manifest anything you want into your life with ease and effortlessness. The vibration of love is the foundation for manifesting the highest levels of success in this material world. When you completely love and accept all aspects of yourself, you send out such a strong energetic vibration into the Universe and you become a manifesting magnet! You’ll experience that everyone and everything around you simply wants to be around you, including you. You will enjoy being with YOU!

It is really important to understand that the energy of love is one of the highest vibrations in the Universe. Whether you are loving another or loving yourself, physically you vibrate at a much higher frequency than any other emotion you can choose. Those lower vibrational feelings such as fear, greed, lack, impatience, or frustration only block you from manifesting everything your heart desires. Through increased levels of self-love, you will naturally shift the vibration within your mind-body, transforming yourself into a powerful source of magnetic energy that attracts those divine experiences, relationships, and financial opportunities into your life! The more you cultivate self-love, the more the Universe will flow its abundance of every kind onto you.

Discovering this true self-love is like believing you were the moon, who needed light and warmth from others on the outside, so that you could reflect that energy back to everyone. Then one day you realized that this love is not coming from outside you, but inside, and that you are truly the sun who is always radiating, and shining its light onto everyone and everything. When you turn your attention to WHERE the source of love is right now, you simply find out that you were always the sun and forever will be this brilliant loving light.