In this episode, Christy and The Council discuss:

  • You have value

  • How to expand into the feeling of worthiness

  • Are some people more worthy than others?

Key Takeaways:

  • You have value because you are here. When you feel that you are not worthy of abundance, you are shrinking in relation to the Divine that is breathing you and only holds you in a point of focus and knows your worth.

  • If you’re not feeling worthy, it’s because you haven’t expanded into the feeling sense of your worthiness. You’ve got to reflect worthiness from within, expand that sense of value by using your focus.

  • Money doesn’t make a person more worthy than another. People who have money and who don’t are equally worthy of the whole entire universe breathing through them.

“Your abundance, your prosperity is a direct reflection of how you feel within as far as your worth.  You are worthy because you’re here.” – The Council


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