In this episode Christy discussed:

  • Why we will sometimes feel discomfort 
  • Your body is communicating with you  
  • How to release the discomfort 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Feeling discomfort when raising your vibration and seeing the vision that you want is alright. It just means that there are places within you that are currently holding energy that opposes it. 
  • Listen to your body, feel the discomfort. It’s going to be painful or uncomfortable sometimes when you’re trying to bridge where you are with where you want to be. This discomfort is your body’s way of communicating with you. 
  • How do you release the discomfort? Not by ignoring it, hiding it, or burying it but by feeling it. Once you go into it, neutralize the feeling with the energy of compassion. 


“Become one with the queasiness. It’s going to feel at first that you are expanding it and it might get even more intense at first. But what’s gonna happen as you stay in it, it’s going to crest and then it will start to dissipate and that’s the release.” – The Council of Light

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