In this episode of the Desire Factor Podcast, Christy and The Council discussed:

  • Reassurance is a good feeling

  • Validation is asking for judgment

Key Takeaways About How Reassurance is Different than Validation:

  • Reassurance is a calming, compassionate feeling that lets you know that all things are good and that you don’t have to worry about anything. Reassurance is a good feeling.

  • Validation is a different energy. It’s about judgment, whether somebody is right or wrong or if somebody is approved or not or worthy or not. One who seeks validation is one who’s looking to someone else to tell them if they are right or wrong.

“There’s no right or wrong with reassurance. It’s a calming, compassionate, all things are good.” – The Council Of Light

What To Do If You Are Seeking Validation?

Oftentimes, people who are stuck in the cycle of needing validation from others can quickly chance their reality by changing how they speak to themselves. Just this seemingly simple shift can truly transform your life, I am so sure of this that I offer a free 10 day challenge to teach you how to change your life! Join us today!

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