Why is it so important to pay attention to your thoughts?

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July 25, 2009
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August 8, 2009

<strong>Why is it so important to pay attention to your thoughts?</strong>

Because your thoughts set up the model of what you can draw to you, it is important to think about what you want rather than what you don’t want. You will not get what you want by fearing or hating its opposite. For instance, having money does not come from disliking being in debt. Whatever you focus on is what you get, for energy always follows thought. It is law. The more you love having money and abundance, the more you picture it and then draw it to you.

It is so important to think in positive ways for a number of reasons. Most importantly, positive emotions and thoughts draw what you want to you. Negative emotions do not bring what you want; they bring only what you don’t want. Again … LAW! When you do not think in positive ways, dwelling on things such as problems, you repel abundance.

Don’t beat yourself up for having negative thoughts, because that will give them more power and make you feel bad. Respond to negative thoughts as you would a small child who needs to be taught how to behave. When you recognize a negative thought, follow where the thought comes from (what belief would you have to believe to create the thought) and simply replace it with a positive thought.

Here is the good news, positive thoughts are far more powerful than negative thoughts. One positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones. Your soul stops your lower and negative thoughts from becoming realities unless having them manifest will teach you something that will help you grow. You are always being supported by your soul and the universe. As your thoughts become more and more positive, your soul allows more and more of them to manifest. The more you evolve and expand into a higher vibration, the more power your thoughts have to create your reality, and the more crucial it is to think in higher vibrational ways.

There are many great tools that you can use to learn to think more positively. For example, you can put light (an actual image of physical light) into the pictures of your mind. You can practice making negative thoughts and beliefs fade out or dissolve, and expanding the positive thoughts. Try it right now.

Think about something you want. Find a thought that you have had about why you CAN’T have it. Now, imagine that thought fading away, or imagine that thought written on a blackboard that you are erasing, or imagine putting that thought in a balloon or bubble and letting it float away.

Now, create a thought about why you CAN have it. See that thought written out. Surround it with a white light. Imagine someone reading the thought to you in a beautiful voice. Create a mental image of receiving or having what you want. Make the image so real you can touch, smell, see and feel it. Make the image bigger, so that you are standing in the picture rather than just observing it. Connect with it at a deep level.

By making your negative thoughts fade out, you take away their power to create your reality. When you make your positive thoughts more vivid and real, you increase their ability to create what you want.

Be patient, because your thoughts do create your reality. Everything that was created was once a thought before it manifested into form.

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