In this episode Christy and Rob discuss:

  • Starting with Awareness
  • Accepting rather than fixing
  • Allowing what you want to feel

Key Takeaways: 

  • Be willing to look at what is coming up. Have an awareness of the situation that you’re in and that your old thinking or momentum created that. Accept that energy, process it, and release yourself from that negative momentum. 
  • When you become aware of the current situation, your first reaction might be to fix or resist it. Instead, you must accept and process it. 
  • Once you are aware and have accepted the negative feelings, you may now harness your power to transform that into something that you desire instead. An example of this is shifting from fear to faith. From gloom and doom to joy and excitement. 


“Accept it… because that is fixing it. The accepting of it is the releasing of it..” – Christy Whitman

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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