What you must understand about the Law of Attraction: If you push against something, you create more of it.

As a person that has been working with the Universal Laws for over fifteen years, one area where I see people not understanding these laws, especially the Law of Attraction, is that they push against something they don’t want. When you are against something, you put more attention on it and therefore create more of it.

It affects you as the creator. If you push against rude people, you attract more rude people. If, however, you realize that you attracted someone rude, you can then decide what you want to experience instead. Focusing on and talking about how rude the person was to you, how they need to be stopped, and that you want to do an entire campaign to stop rude people, will only draw more rude people to you.

There was one person who was very negative that started to go through the QSCA. She looked at every aspect of the program as negative and lacking. When she quit the program, she vowed to make people know about how horrible it was. She was going to “post it all over the internet so other people would be warned.”

What makes me shake my head about this is that she has no understanding that the more she pushed or tried to warn people, the more she was keeping a negative energy alive in her vibration, and the more she would continue to create things that she found to be unacceptable.

She was also not in an allowing space for others to experience what they needed to experience. What she also did not understand is that everyone creates their own reality, and each person who is attracted to the program and joins it, does so for what they are intending in their own lives. It is a unique experience for each person based on where they are in their lives and what energetic vibration they are giving out.

I can share this because I know how amazing the program is. I receive anywhere from 2-10 emails per week about how the program has changed people’s lives and their clients’ lives. I know the value that it has. Is it perfect? No, but we are always making improvements and adjusting as we grow. And when this person quit the program, I found out from my staff, her pod group, and even her coaching buddies, that they felt relieved. She left the program not realizing that she attracted this experience by the vibration she was sending out. Just like the others who attracted the same program and saw only the benefits it gave, and their lives were forever changed.

Another example of this is the anti-bullying movement happening in schools and being shown in the media. The approach is all about fighting against this problem instead of focusing on the solution, which is to empower young kids.

As Abraham-Hicks said in a workshop, “If everyone were connected to their own Source Energy, there would be no assaults, bullying or suicide. There would be no jealousy, insecurity, or uncomfortable feelings of not being good enough. If everyone understood the power of their own Being, they would not seek to control, manipulate or possess others. Any feelings of insecurity and hatred are born from our disconnection with who we are. Our connection with Well-Being would only bring Well-Being.”

Children that are not empowered look for ways to become empowered. To feel better, they bully someone to make themselves feel more powerful. It does fulfill their needs, even though it is a synthetic type of power. When a child is the victim of the bullying, he/she is also in a place of low self-esteem and is therefore a perfect match for the bully.

The solution is not to fight against bullying, but to instead help victims find their inner being and their sense of power and therefore their voice. Someone who is self-confident and feels good about themselves is not going to allow – not even for one minute – someone to treat them poorly with words or action. The kids that play the role of the victim also need to have a better sense of self, and know that there is a future self out there who is living a very bright future.

We also need to show the kids who are bullying that they too are connected to a higher self, and show them what true power really is.

Rebecca and I wrote Taming Your Alpha Bitch for many reasons. One of these reasons is that as women stop being controlling and overbearing (among other behaviors), it will allow their children to have a better sense of themselves and feel empowered. There would be no need for a child to act out with other children.

Think of it this way. If children are not heard or allowed to be who they are, they feel powerless. After a while, spirited children will become angry because it feels better than being sad. They will soon learn that they can use their power over someone and that will make them feel a sense of relief or empowerment, if only for a short moment.

If, however, children were allowed to be who they are, if they were given choices instead of demands, if they were seen as the precious beings they are and they would not have to compete for attention, our world would be so different and the issues of bullying would naturally go away.

Children develop their sense of self and spirituality from birth to age twelve. This is a crucial time for their spiritual development. Many people are not conscious of the universal truths about creating your own reality, that everything is energy, and that stepping into our connection with our well-being and inner power is the answer for true joy and happiness.

You are one of these blessed and awakened souls. Be grateful that you have attracted this information into your life so that the next time you try to push against what you don’t want, you can just ask yourself, “What do I want?” And then get into the feeling place of having it. There are so many people who don’t know this information, who don’t realize there is a choice, and that the choice is up to them.

The solution to creating what you want in your life is to align with YOU! Align with that expanded part of you. Spend time relating with that part of you. Check in several times a day with that part of you. Ask questions and allow yourself to receive answers. Bask in the good feelings of that connection.

Enjoy your time here in this body, at this time, on this planet. You chose to be here. Spend your precious time focused on what is good and right, and on what you are bringing into your life. Spend less time focused on what you don’t want, and when you find yourself pushing against something, allow the solution to embrace you instead.