How To Love Yourself

Nurturing the Inner Relationship with Your Desires

  Most of us relate to our unfulfilled desires as goals looming out in the future that we’re slowly making our way toward.  But when you understand the world of energy, you realize just how inaccurate this paradigm is.  In the realm of energy, past, present and...

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3 Healing Rituals to Cleanse Your Home from Toxic Energy

The principles of energy cleansing are simple, and because they’re universal, you can apply these healing rituals to virtually any aspect of your life.  Rituals for cleansing your home work equally well for clearing your energetic body or aura, or even recharging a...

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How To Live In The Moment

Learning to live in the moment is critical to manifesting the desires you hold most dear.  And this is because your only point of power is in the now.   In each new moment, you are offering a vibration to which the entire universe is responding.  Right here, right...

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