How To Love Yourself

Stepping Into Abundance Consciousness

Having plenty of time, free-flowing money, fulfilling relationships, creative ideas that flow easily… these are all manifestations of abundance.  And all of these experiences are possible for someone who has abundance consciousness.   What is abundance...

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How To Create Your Own Economy

People often think about the economy like they do about the weather.  The presumption is that, in the same way, a rising tide lifts all boats, fluctuations in the economy affect all of us equally.  But from an energetic perspective, this notion couldn’t be further...

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Master Your Energy, Change Your Reality

The key to improving any area of your life is first, understanding how energy flows, and second, learning to align with and cooperate with that flow.  Mastering our energy is nothing more than being in a state of flow with the very energy stream that creates worlds. ...

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How to Create Clear Agreements With These 4 Powerful Questions

Think back to the times in your life when you experienced a communication breakdown that left you feeling hurt, frustrated, or confused.  Chances are, the common denominator in each of these scenarios was the absence of a clear agreement.   Clear agreements are the...

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Is the Universe Testing Me?

“Is the universe testing me?” This is a question I hear often, and in this week’s Desire Factor Podcast, The Council offers a thought-provoking and insightful answer.  But because I’m a huge proponent of empowering people to trust their own inner guidance, I think...

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