QSS 15 | Making Space


Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices and let go of things in order to make room for something better. Yet, human as we are, we struggle with letting things go. Let us overcome this as Christy takes a deep dive into making space for what we bring in. She guides us through the questions that have been gnawing inside of us, things like should we let go of a relationship, a habit, or a belief? Ask yourself and find out the things you are willing to give up so you can grow.

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What Do You Want To Release To Make Space For What You Want To Bring In

Is there something that you know you want to release, whether it’s a habit, a thought pattern or something you do in your life? Maybe an old relationship that keeps gnawing at you in the back? As human beings, we’re not good at letting things go, instead we bring more things in. It’s an important process of the manifestation process is to be able to release and let go. In this process that I’m going to give you in this episode, I want to ask you what you want to release so that you’re able to make space for what you want to bring in. There’s always an analogy that if you want to have new clothes or if you want to get a new car, clean out your garage, clean out your closets and make energetic space for the things that you want. The same is true for anything that you want to create in your life.

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I always say that if a woman is pregnant, she can’t get pregnant again and create another baby while she’s still creating that baby. We have to be able to release and birth the baby in order to create a new one. Another way of saying it is that if you’re holding onto resentment, if you’re holding onto frustration, betrayal from a past relationship. It’s difficult to bring in what you do want when you’re still holding this thing. What do you want to release now so that you can make space for what you want to bring in? Go ahead and close your eyes and I’ll take you through the process.

I’d like you to go ahead and close your eyes. Go inside of yourself, closing your eyes gently. Taking a nice deep breath in and letting your breath out and calling all of your energy back to yourself. Imagine that all of your energy, any energy that scattered out in the universe is coming back to yourself. By requesting that energy to come back to you, it does. You are the commander of energy. As you’re pulling all of your energy back, feel what it feels to be in the completeness of who you are. Scan your body and see if anywhere in your physical body there’s any energy that you’ve taken on from other people. When you find it in your body, ask it to let go. Anytime you’re feeling any pains or aches it’s because there was no energy moving in that area and we need to flow energy. You could ask that energy, that block to be released.

QSS 15 | Making Space

Making Space: The only thing that can make you feel connected in life is the divine inside of you.


In this moment, what I’d like you to do is imagine that about a foot above your head is a beautiful golden ball of light. This light represents the source. It represents light. Allow this light to come down through the top of your head. It’s almost like you’re standing under a shower of light. Allow this light, this energy to flow through you. Clearing and cleansing and filling up the places where you’ve let go of denser energy. You’re feeling it coming into every single cell in your body, feeling it go all throughout your physical body, clearing your aura. With that thing that you are willing to release, that habit, that addiction, the behavior, the thought process of perspective or whatever it is, set your intention now.

I am wanting, I am willing, I am able to release whatever it is. Your body, from a physical state, will return back to balance after you have stopped doing the thing that you do even when you are accustomed to habitually feeling anger. If you intentionally choose light instead of anger, as an example, your body will start to balance itself or it does not initially go into anger. For example, if you want to get rid of sugar, it will take your body about three days to get used to not having your sugar. The cells in your body will come back into balance.

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If you are willing to give up something that you know is not for your best interest or for your higher good, it takes about three days. If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, if you’re thinking about not drinking alcohol, not drinking coffee or caffeine of any kind. It takes three days for your body to go through it. If you’re one willing to give up the drama, if you’re willing to give up playing a victim, if you’re willing to give up staying in that space of lack. Continue to add light to yourself with the intention of letting this go. With that, feel the light coming down through the top of your head going inside and outside of your physical body, releasing the desire for this habit, for this thing. Allow yourself to stay in the space of connecting with light. Now, I choose light. Whatever that means for you, feel the light within yourself. Feel the light in your physical body. Feel the light that you are. Feel the light inside you. Feel the light all around you. Allow yourself to release anything that comes up for you in your mind, in your heart, in your aura and in your physical body of any kind. Imagine that’s releasing and then continuing to fill up.

Start coming back into your body more fully and coming back into the room. Say you’re going to give up sugar. Do it one day at a time, whatever the thing is you’re going to give up. If you’re going to give up black, do it one day at a time. Every time you go to that place, anytime you go to wanting to grab for something outside of yourself, like an addiction. Addictions are always a way. We’re not feeling good at the moment, so we think that the coffee or the sugar or the marijuana or the alcohol or the gambling or the shopping, whatever it is. Something outside of ourselves is going to put us in a better state. We go for that. It becomes a habitual thing, an addiction. Whereas this thing outside of you can never make you feel better.

The only thing that can make you feel connected and live is the divine inside of you. You are a little personality and a human being. We all are. Sometimes we don’t choose the higher path, but we do have a choice. As you’re more and more connected with your divine self, that choice becomes easier to see. Now, as you’re giving up whatever it is that is giving up, ask yourself to choose the light. Instead of going for that cup of coffee again, if that’s what you’re letting go of, say to yourself, “I choose light instead,” and spiral back into yourself or turn back to yourself. Breathe and connect with the light that you are and you’ll see coming in. That trigger will allow you to connect back with your light. It’s a trigger to return back home.


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