Feeling Good: The “Secret” to Manifesting Anything You Want

What does feeling good (i.e., happy, secure, loved, etc.) have to do with the level of success you produce – in your work, with friends, or at school? I mean, as long as you’re taking the actions you know will move you forward, why should it matter if you’re floating through the day or barely slogging through it?

It might surprise you to realize that the way we feel in the privacy of our own inner world has everything to do with the results we produce in our outer world. This is because everything in the universe – including ourselves – is made up of energy, and all energy resonates at a particular rate of speed, or vibration. Bad-feeling emotions – such as anger, frustration, anxiety, guilt and blame – vibrate at a lower, slower rate than good-feeling emotions like love, optimism and appreciation.

Our moods, feelings and dominant emotions – as well as our thoughts, beliefs and, of course, our words and actions – all generate vibrations that are registered by everyone and everything that comes into contact with us. If you doubt this, pay attention the next time you enter a room where people have just been fighting, and compare it to how you feel in a place where people have been laughing, praying, dancing, or meditating. One vibration is soothing and attractive; the other repels and causes our energy field to contract. The “secret” to magnetizing any experience you want to manifest in your life is to make sure the vibrations you are sending out are in energetic alignment with that particular outcome.

Here are three practical steps you can take to deliberately align your vibration to more precisely attract the results you want:

Step One: Look for Things to Appreciate
No matter what circumstance you find yourself in or who you are with, you can always, always find something to appreciate. The fact that you have a roof over your head, that there are people in your life who love you, that you were born with the ability to perceive and enjoy the beauty of nature… these are gifts we often take for granted, but all we have to do is imagine life without them to realize just how much we have that we can appreciate! Keeping a gratitude journal in which you make a list of five things each day that you are grateful for, or getting in the habit of telling every person you meet something you appreciate about him or her, are some other effective ways to build your gratitude muscles. The bottom line is the more you appreciate, the more things will be drawn into your experience for you to appreciate.

Step Two: Let Go of Joy-Robbers
A huge amount of our manifestation energy is unavailable to us because it is unconsciously invested in “making the best” of situations that are unhealthy, relationships that no longer serve us, or people who have become intolerable. Sometimes the things that steal our joy can’t be instantly removed: a job we’ve outgrown, a partnership that is no longer nurturing or a mountain of debt that will take time to resolve. However, with a little attention, most of us can find plenty of “minor” things that qualify as being irritating enough to diminish our joy and therefore our manifesting power. It isn’t the size of the infraction that matters; it’s the effect it has on you. Here’s a really good case in point:

After complaining for weeks about being sore after her daily workouts, a friend of mine finally broke down and bought an expensive, well-fitting pair of running shoes. The difference she felt was incredible, and only after wearing her new shoes did she realize that she had literally run her old one ones into the ground. It sounds too simple to be true, but releasing this one joy-robbing experience made a huge difference in her well being – and therefore in her power to magnetize.

Step Three: Act as if
As a master Law of Attraction coach who has spent nearly twenty years studying, applying and teaching the universal laws that govern deliberate creation, I’ve found certain principles that hold true under virtually every circumstance. One such principle is that offering a vibration of wanting something delays its manifestation into your life. Put simply, wanting attracts more wanting. If, on the other hand, you offer the vibration of already living the experience you desire – if you imagine it, speak about it, write about it and, most importantly, feel it – you will speed the manifestation of that experience into your life. Act as if what you want is already a part of your experience, and you will draw it to you.

Most of us have what I call an “if/then” relationship to feeling good. We think that if we turn in a stellar report; if we earn a certain amount of money; if we make a good impression with the person we just met, then feeling good will be our reward. But there is absolutely no reason to postpone your innate right to feel good to some future time or situation – you can choose to feel good right now. And when you do, you become absolutely irresistible to success.

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