What it takes to grow ANY business.

What it takes to grow ANY business.

I am super excited for my guest on this week’s Quantum Success Show.

Sage Lavine started her career as a school teacher making less than 25,000 per year.

She now has a multi-million dollar business speaking and coaching.

We had a great, honest and real conversation about what it takes to grow ANY business.

If you are a woman and want to make an impact, this interview is for you.

If you are not a woman, this show will still inform and possibly inspire you:)

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How To Eliminate Drama In Your Life Once & For All

When you really think about it, there are just a handful of things that most of us are seeking.  We all desire physical vitality and mental clarity; plenty of money; creative self-expression, and loving, supportive relationships.  Drama – whether it’s at work, with family, or in our intimate relationships – is the culprit that undermines this happiness.  

At the root of all drama is a perception of lack.  If we believe that resources like love and attention are scarce, we’ll attempt to steal them from others. When we view financial prosperity as reserved for a privileged few, we compete to get our share.  And in intimate relationships, if we’re disconnected from our inherent worthiness, we can easily fall prey to jealousy or insecurity. If You’re Having Relationship Problems, It May Be Because You’re Stuck In The Karpman Drama Triangle.

Interpersonal drama abounds when our consciousness is rooted in lack.  Unknowingly, people take turns playing the Victim, the Persecutor, and the Rescuer.  And as long as we’re identified with any of these disempowering roles, true empowerment just isn’t possible.  Constantly trying to diffuse negative situations or avoid arguments is the fast-track to misery, not peace.  

So what’s the antidote to this kind of low-level, unsatisfying living?  It’s not possible to completely isolate ourselves from overly dramatic people, but we can learn to sidestep it.  

Here are 3 steps to eliminate drama from your life, once and for all.  

Step #1: Listen to your gut.

As you look around your life, notice which relationships, settings, activities and situations no longer bring you joy.  Which are more of a source of stress than a source of positive expectation and eagerness?  

Remember that each one of us is an energy transmitter and an energy receiver.  This means that at every moment we are both broadcasting energy to those around us and receiving the energy of others.  When a certain relationship or activity is no longer supporting your growth or your highest good, your gut will let you know.   

Your mind may argue…  “But I’ve been going to that church my whole life,” or, “I have to have a relationship with her. She’s family.”  Your intellect will generate reasons and justifications, telling you things like you have to spend the holidays with your in-laws.  But you’ll get far more accurate information by listening to gut instinct, or intuition, or your emotional center. Your gut is unburdened with social confections.  It’s actually trying to lead you on the path toward happiness; not on the path toward making others happy.  

To tune in with your gut instinct, place less emphasis on the facts, and listen more intently to your feelings.  If you constantly feel worse after being with certain people, it may be time to re-evaluate how you’re spending your time.  

Step #2:  Give yourself permission to make a different choice. 

If you’re feeling judged by someone in your life, you have the right to put some distance in that friendship.   Or if a formerly favorite activity – like having drinks with the girls – leaves you feeling drained, it’s okay to pass.  

Making changes that benefit yourself does not need to cause more drama.  You just need to know how to go about it. 

Resist the temptation to justify or explain why you’re moving on, and simply focus on what you’re moving to.  Defending your position or arguing for why you’re right will only instigate more drama.  It’s just not possible to make someone or something else wrong without stooping to a very low level of consciousness.  So instead, emphasize what you’re moving to, not what you’re leaving behind.  

Let your clubbing girlfriends know that you’re focusing more on health, or on saving money, in 2020.   This places the emphasis on what you’re up to, and gives them the option to come along or not. Remember that when you close one door, dozens of other doors open.  But if you don’t give yourself permission to make a change, those new possibilities may never appear.  

Step #3:  Uphold your own space.

Many of us derive a sense of identity from our families and social groups.  This means, unfortunately, that we feel good when they approve of us, but bad when they don’t.  This opens the door wide to drama, and to all of the powerlessness that comes with it.  

As you think about the important roles and relationships in your life, reflect with new eyes on who you want to be.  Allow yourself to let go of who you’ve been in the past, and of any conflicts you may have experienced. Instead, allow yourself to discover who you want to be, now.

Spend some time thinking about the types of practices and activities that enhance your self-esteem, and make those a part of your daily routine.  What choices do you make that enhance your sense of integrity, and which diminish it? As you become responsible for upholding your own physical, emotional and psychic space, you’ll naturally repel those who are on a different wavelength.   

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit www.watchyourwords.com and gain access to a free 30-day video training.


10 Manifestation Quotes to Bring About Prosperity & Financial Security In 2020

Why are inspirational quotes important?  Because what you focus on expands.  

The thought pathways you allow your mind to travel play a vital role in what you create.  You cannot draw greater abundance into your life while at the same time you’re complaining about lack.  To bring in financial prosperity and security, you must focus the power of your awareness on things that match it.  

Here are 10 of my favorite inspirational quotes. These will focus your mind, activate good-feeling emotions, and immediately increase your manifestation power

Manifestation Quote #1: 

“The creation of anything in the external world that you desire happens first on the inside.  Become a match in thought, word and energy to what you want to experience, and that experience will be yours.”  – Christy Whitman  

Most of us believe in an “outside-in” approach to happiness.  We believe that once we get the job, the life partner, the money, etc., then we’ll be happy.  

What almost no one understands is that happiness is a vibrational state of being that can only be attained from within.  

When we start making this inner state of happiness our goal, outer circumstances and events will morph to reflect our internal state of being.  

Manifestation Quote #2: 

“I attract into my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to – whether positive or negative.”  – Michael Losier

There is nothing about this universe – or anyone or anything in it – that is neutral.  Everything responds to the vibration that you are offering in relation to it.

If you want to attract the best from everyone you interact with, focus on their positive aspects.  In the presence of your attention, these aspects will flourish. If you want to bring forth prosperity, you must focus on the aspects of your life where you are already prosperous.

Manifestation Quote #3: 

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”   – Oprah Winfrey

Appreciation is defined as “an increase in the value of an asset over time.”

The fastest way to allow into your life more of what you desire is to go out of your way to appreciate what you already have.  In other words, what you appreciate, appreciates, and becomes more.

Manifestation Quote #4: 

“Money comes from prosperity. Prosperity is a feeling of having it all, being in the flow. This feeling attracts corresponding situations and opportunities. And this is eventually experienced physically as money and wealth. Prosperity is an inside job. Success is the person you become, not a point you chase after.”  – David Cameron Gikandi

Your experience of money is a reflection of the energetic signal about it that you are sending out.  And while you may not be able to instantaneously change the balance in your bank account, you can instantly change your vibration.  Shift the energy of your thoughts, moods and expectations from fear or frustration to one of greater prosperity.  

When prosperity, not scarcity, is the primary signal you are sending out to the Universe, prosperity in all forms will reveal itself to you. 

Manifestation Quote #5: 

“Our job is not to figure out the ‘how.’  The ‘how’ will show up out of the commitment and belief in the ‘what.’” – Jack Canfield 

Long before we create an external relationship with anything in this tangible, physical universe, we have an energetic relationship with it.  Focus on nurturing the inner relationship with the “what” that you desire, and the universe will take care of the “how.”

Manifestation Quote #6: 

“In the same way that a magnet is attracted to steel, we draw into our lives energy that resonates at a similar frequency to our own.”  – Christy Whitman 

Mastery of your own vibration is the key to everything.  

Everything that comes into your experience is being orchestrated by the energy you are sending out.  When you show yourself that you are in complete control of your own energy, you will start to feel invincible.

Manifestation Quote #7: 

“Richness is not about what you have.  It is about who you are.” – Bob Proctor 

The mood or energy we carry with us is an all-powerful communicator.  To increase the flow of anything you desire into your life, practice the energy of it.      

Allow the energy – of vitality, of prosperity, of success – to inform the way you move; the way you speak, and the choices you make.  All tangible manifestations originate in the unseen world of energy.  Begin offering your energy on purpose, and notice the different ideas, experiences, and results that come about as a result.   

Manifestation Quote #8: 

“The Law of Attraction is universal, meaning it works for everyone, all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.”  – Christy Whitman

In every moment, you are generating a particular vibration in relation to every important aspect of your life.  As human beings, we can’t not do this.  Our thoughts are never-ending, and they are creative.  What we may not realize, however, is that the universe is always listening – not to our words but to our energy.  Through our moment-to-moment vibration, we establish an energetic relationship with all that we desire to draw into our lives.  

Manifestation Quote #9: 

“From a spiritual perspective, having and being are the same thing. You can have whatever you allow yourself to be.”  Marianne Williamson

The universe is infinitely abundant, but we can only receive as much of that abundance as we are willing to allow.  Whatever external result you desire to create, stop thinking of it as some future destination. Practice being the essence of all that you want to create today, and you will continue to magnetize that reality.  

Manifestation Quote #10: 

“Clarity + Alignment + Action = Manifestation.”  – Christy Whitman 

Having mental clarity about what it is we want while at the same time maintaining a feeling state of allowing and non-resistance will always draw it towards us.  It is the combination of feeling good, excited and content with what is, while at the same time being clear about what more we want, that opens the door for more to come into our lives.  Intending and allowing are equally important in the manifestation equation, but every situation calls for a different degree of each.  The bigger our goal and the clearer our intention, the more we need to allow.  

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  If you’re ready to discover the limitlessness of your own wisdom and power, join the Christy Whitman family and begin to manifest greater abundance in your life with 7 days of free meditations


7 Universal Laws to Unlock Your Full Potential and Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

What’s the most effective way to unlock your full potential and make 2020 your best year ever?  By understanding the rules of this game called life!

How good at baking a cake would you be if you didn’t have a recipe to follow?  How successful would you be at playing a game if you didn’t know the objective or the rules?  

We live in a universe that is governed by unseen, powerful universal laws.  And like the law of gravity, these laws work whether we are aware of them or not, and whether we understand them or not.  

In fact, we really only have two basic choices in terms of how we interact with these laws.  We can be at their mercy and merely observe after the fact of how they play out in our lives. Or, we can choose to understand them and use them consciously to unlock our full potential.  

Here are the 7 essential laws that underlie the manifestation of all things. Put these to use in any aspect of your life, and 2020 will unfold as your best year ever!

Principle #1:  The Universal Law of Attraction.

This law is based on the scientific understanding that everything in our universe is made of energy.  Energy moves or vibrates at a certain rate of speed, and harmonic or resonant energies are naturally drawn together.   Whatever we send out into the Universe magnetizes experiences that are of an equal frequency, resonance, or vibration.  

To apply this law, take some time to contemplate the type of energy you seek to magnetize in 2020.  Go deeper than simply identifying the particular outcomes you want to create, and consider the feeling essence of those outcomes.  

What feelings, energies and vibrations would make 2020 your best year ever? Do you want to embody a vibration of lightness and vitality?  Of self-confidence and pride? Is it a feeling of intimacy and connection that you’re seeking to manifest? What about a greater experience of financial prosperity?  

Begin to tune yourself to those frequencies, and watch as people and experiences that match that wavelength begin to come into your life.  

Principle #2:  The Universal Law of Deliberate Creation

This law is based on the understanding that what we direct our energy toward, we begin to attract.  

The Law of Attraction works without or without our conscious intention.  By applying the Law of Deliberate Creation, we reclaim our power of choice over what we create.  This law places us back in the driver’s seat of our own lives.  It gives us the power to create each aspect of our lives on purpose rather than by default.

Know that in every moment you are creating intentionally or by default, and become more deliberate about what you’re creating.

Principle #3: The Universal Law of Allowing 

This law is based on the understanding that creation requires a balance of ebb and flow.  

Striving, controlling, and forcing really do not have the power to bring us what we really want.  This is because anything achieved through those means will demand a sacrifice of intimacy, connection, and balance.  

Once you’ve clarified your goals, think less in terms of forcing them to happen, and more in terms of allowing. In allowing, you gain access to the replenishing energies of relaxation, surrender, and peace.  

Principle #4: The Universal Law of Sufficiency and Abundance

How abundant do you perceive yourself to be?  And by what standards do you measure your abundance?

Is it limited to your bank account balance?  Or to the number of people on your client roster?  What about the abundance that surrounds you everywhere you go?  

When you count your blessings, be sure to include the abundance of clean air that is available for you to breathe.  Take note of the abundance of love, laughter and joy you are capable of experiencing. Abundance is our original state of being; nowhere in nature do we find evidence of lack.  

Begin to notice the sufficiency that is all around you.  Appreciating what you already have is the doorway through which more can enter. 

Principle #5: The Universal Law of Pure Potentiality

This principle is at the heart of tapping into your full potential.  “Potentiality” means all that can possibly become, independent of what has been before. 

How your life plays out from here has nothing to do with how it’s been up to this point.  You are a vibrational being, and at every moment you have the power to choose your point of attraction.  You do not need to allow the past to dictate the future.    

Principle #6:  The Universal Law of Detachment 

One of the biggest blocks to tapping into our full potential comes from trying to control the outcome of things. 

It is your job to identify what you want and to align yourself with it.  But it’s not your job to figure out how, who, what, when and where it will happen. The universe holds a bird’s eye view of our lives and is more than capable of managing its unfolding.  

The Law of Detachment states that the fastest way to manifest any outcome is to relinquish our attachment to it.  When you know that there are truly an infinite number of ways for what you desire to come into your life, you can allow things to unfold in their own timing.

Principle #7:  The Universal Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity gives us the understanding that creation occurs because of the co-existence of opposites.  If it were not for contrast, none of us would ever gain clarity. And clarify is essential for continued motion forward.  

The experience of confinement causes us to seek greater freedom.  The feeling of stagnation makes us willing to risk. All seeming “bad” experiences have a flip side. To find it, you just have to be willing to look.

To apply the Law of Polarity, use the discomfort of whatever currently is to inspire you to the next greatest version of yourself.  You are an eternal being, which means you will never stop growing and evolving. 

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  If you’re ready to discover the limitlessness of your own wisdom and power, join Christy’s conscious community and begin to manifest greater abundance in your life with 7 days of free meditations. Learn more about the 7 Essential Laws here.  


How To Handle Conflict At Work Without Losing Your Spiritual Center

To understand how to handle conflict at work, we have to start with a basic statement of fact: You cannot control the thoughts, moods, or actions of any other person besides yourself.

You cannot put your jealous co-worker at ease so she stops trying to undercut you. You have zero control over the way your client responds to the product you just delivered. Likewise, the economy, current trends in your industry, and the culture of your workplace have a momentum all their own. And this trajectory is occurring independently of anything you might feel about it.

So, what can you do when you find yourself crosswise with some aspect of your work? Are you destined to experience conflict when what’s currently happening is other than you’d like it to be?

Absolutely not!

But the only power you have to shift your experience lies in your ability to change your perspective. There is no point, whatsoever, in trying to change another person or condition. As the old saying goes, you can’t change the wind, but you can change your sails. And when you change your sails, you move effortlessly in an entirely new direction.

If conflicts at work have you feeling frustrated to the point that you’re considering looking for another job, take a pause. Here are 5 steps you can take to handle workplace conflicts and use them to return to your spiritual center.

Step 1:

Give yourself permission to express fully – whether verbally or in writing – exactly what it is about your work environment that you don’t like. What external condition or behavior causes you conflict when you encounter it? For example, I’m upset because I was not chosen for that promotion. Or, I hate that my office mate takes my things without my permission.

Step 2:

Consider that this condition or behavior, in and of itself, is not the real cause of your conflict. What is causing your conflict is the meaning you are assigning to that condition or behavior. Now allow yourself to identify what you are making the conflicting situation mean.

If you were not chosen for a promotion, you might make that mean that the executives in your company don’t value your talent or dedication. If a coworker misplaces something of yours, you might make that mean that he or she doesn’t respect you, or that they are taking advantage of your generosity.

Try to go beneath the behavior, and ask yourself why it’s so upsetting to you. You’ll inevitably find that you are interpreting it in a negative way (and, yes, often justifiably so).

Step 3:

Next, see if you can identify the primary negative emotion that is evoked within you when you interpret this behavior or situation in that way. For example, if your interpretation of not getting promoted is because you are undervalued, you may feel hurt or unappreciated. If you feel your coworker is disrespecting or taking advantage of you, you may feel anger, frustration, or powerlessness.

Step 4:

Now ask yourself, “How would I like to feel in this relationship or situation?” If you could wipe the slate clean and show up as the person you most want to be, how would you look and feel? Would you feel self-confident? Centered? Resourceful?

Step 5:

Finally, acknowledge that you have the power to show up the way you want to, independent of the attitudes or actions of anyone else.

Yes, this can be a jagged pill to swallow at first, but it is the only true, long-lasting ticket to freedom.

The real discomfort of personal or professional conflicts has nothing to do with the other person’s behavior. The discomfort comes from giving over our power to another person or situation over which we have no control. But there is another choice!

You don’t need to wait until you’re in an unpleasant interaction or situation to decide how you want to respond. Instead, you can decide in advance how you want to show up and how you want to feel. And once you’ve identified that, you can set yourself up to experience that in every way you can think of. You can be your own self-advocate, in the same way, you would advocate for anyone you love.

Take some time before work to decide in advance the mood, attitude and energy you most want to convey. Imagine this energy permeating your workspace and rippling out to all you interact with. And from this new vantage point, as someone who is confident and resourceful, look for the best in everyone around you. Deliberately view your coworkers and clients as being beneficial to you in some way. You will be amazed at the ways that new evidence of that benefit shows itself to you

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit WatchYourWords.com and gain access to a free 30-day training.

How to Manifest a New Career – One That Truly Makes You Happy

How to Manifest a New Career – One That Truly Makes You Happy

So, you wake up one morning (or many mornings!) and realize you are not where you want to be in your career.  You’re working too hard, earning too little, and worst of all, not enjoying yourself along the way.

This is bad news, right?

No!  It’s great news!   

The reason career discontent feels like bad news is because we think it means having to start all over from scratch.  But not only is starting from scratch not possible; it would be to no advantage whatsoever.

If you’re discontent in your career, you do not need to start over to get to a better place.  You can start from exactly where you are! Because everything you’ve lived has helped you to define who you now are and what you now want.   

Turning Contrast Into Clarity

The setbacks you’ve encountered have given you invaluable clarity about what’s really important.  Contrasting experiences (living what we don’t want) are as essential as holding a clear vision of what we do.  

Instead of viewing your work situation as a mistake, choose to see it as gold and mine it for clarity.   

As you read the list below, notice which of these conclusions are true for you:

I want …

  • a greater sense of freedom.
  • to spend my time doing things I sincerely love to do.
  • greater control over the amount of money that flows into my life.
  • feel the exhilaration of conceiving and then running with a new idea.
  • work with other stable, happy, productive, effective people.
  • contribute to the upliftment and happiness of others.

Once you’ve identified what you now want, take this inquiry one step deeper:  Ask yourself how you would feel if you already had already created it.  This will bring you to the energetic essence of what you desire.  

Finding the Energetic Essence of Your Desire

For example, if what you want is outrageous financial prosperity, uncover the feeling that you believe the money will bring.  To get to the essence of this desire, just ask yourself what having an abundance of money would mean to you. You might associate it with a feeling of worthiness, of empowerment, of self-love or freedom, just to name a few.

The desire for prosperity may be universal, but the feelings that drive this desire are unique to each of us. This underlying feeling is the essence of your desire. No matter what you desire in the outer world, what you’re really seeking is the feeling of this internal essence.  And when you’re connected to the essence of what you want, what you want finds you, without you even looking.

Here is a simple process for connecting with the essence of your new and improved career, so that you can draw it effortlessly into your life.  

  • Clarify Your Vision.

Bring to mind as many details about your ideal career that you can.  Do you want more flexibility in your schedule? More interaction or collaboration with people?  Are you looking for work that contributes to humanity in some way? Allow yourself to get a clear picture of how you want your new career to look and feel. What specific results would you most like to create?

  • Uncover Your “Why.

    Once you are present to what you want, begin to ponder the question, “Why do I want to create this?” What do you think the fulfillment of this desire will enable you to do?  How will creating your ideal career enhance you as a person?
  • Find the Feeling Place.  

Allow yourself to imagine this desire as if it were already fulfilled.   In your heart and mind, play with the feeling of having achieved every one of your career goals.  What quality do you hope you will experience as a result of creating this? Is it joy? Freedom? Love?  Maybe it’s a feeling of pride or accomplishment, or of contentment. Allow this feeling to wash over you, just for the pleasure of it.

  • Acknowledge Your Abundance. 

Having identified the feeling essence of your ideal career, notice in what aspects of your life this feeling is already present. For example,, if you desire financial prosperity because of the freedom it will provide, notice where in your life you are already free.  Now take this further and identify an action you could take that would enhance this feeling further. If you’re seeking a feeling of pride or accomplishment, what actions could you take to generate this for yourself?

  • Expand and Enhance the Feeling.

As you are taking this action, connect with this feeling essence at an emotional level.  Feel the vibration of it to permeate your body and radiate through every cell of your being.  Notice what new thoughts or ideas arise from this clarified state of being, and if it feels good to do so, act on them.  Return to this feeling state often – it’s as easy as turning to your favorite radio station when you get into your car. Commit to residing in this vibration each day, and watch what new experiences unfold as a result.  

Learning to attune yourself—in thought, emotion, and energy—with the essence of your ideal career is the key to attracting it, in living color, into your “real” life.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance. To understand how to more deliberately co-create the life you desire, visit www.watchyourwords.com and gain access to a free 30-day training.